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Retired Niskayuna dentist from Schenectady discovers a new interest


NISKAYUNA – Dr. Stuart Kraut’s journey from ⁣carving chalk for dental school entrance exams ⁤to creating eclectic works of art is a testament to his lifelong passion for creativity.

After retiring from his orthodontist practice of 55 years in 2021, the 85-year-old has dedicated his time to crafting unique pieces, often using repurposed materials that catch his eye.

“I improvise my art dramatically,” Kraut said. “That’s important to me, to be able to just put some soul into things.”

One of his signature techniques involves using latex gloves filled‍ with plaster to create sculptures of hands, which he then integrates into paintings. These works ‍often carry a message of compassion and generosity,⁢ reflecting Kraut’s belief in the importance of these ⁣values.

In addition to his canvas art,​ Kraut also enjoys beautifying everyday objects using techniques he⁣ teaches himself with resources he finds online. His creativity ‍knows no bounds, as he experiments with different mediums and styles to bring his‌ artistic vision​ to life.

But art ‍is just one aspect of Kraut’s retirement. He also spends his days composing and improvising on ⁣the ⁤piano, playing poker at the casino, and‍ engaging in various sports⁣ and hobbies that have captured his interest over the years.

From⁣ navigating the fallout ⁢of a notorious white-collar crime to landing a small aircraft in a moment of crisis, Kraut’s⁣ life has been filled with exhilarating experiences that have shaped his outlook on ⁤retirement and leisure.

Despite the challenges ​he has faced, Kraut remains dedicated to enjoying his retirement and ⁣staying healthy, all while continuing to pursue his artistic passions and diverse interests.

Kiara Thomas
Kiara Thomas
I uncover quirky and compelling stories. Always on the lookout for the 'why' behind the 'what'.
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  1. Disagree. I find it fascinating how retirement can open doors to new passions and interests. Good for this dentist for exploring new horizons!

  2. Agree! Retirement is the perfect time to explore new passions and interests. Congrats to the retired dentist for discovering something new!

  3. Retirement truly ignites the flame of curiosity, leading to the revelation of new interests. Kudos to the retired dentist for embracing this phase of life with open arms!


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