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65 years later, a family rediscovers lost history after mother’s wallet is found


ATLANTA – A Time Capsule ⁣Unearthed at the Plaza Theatre

Hidden behind a crumbled wall in‌ the bathroom of the Plaza Theatre, contractors discovered‍ a time capsule frozen in time. Among the ⁢treasures found were⁣ a raffle ticket to win a new 1959 Chevrolet, credit cards with no magnetic strip,​ and family photos in⁢ black and white. These items had been tucked away for decades,⁢ untouched and forgotten.

Plaza Theatre owner Chris‌ Escobar ⁤was⁤ determined to return the wallet and its contents⁣ to the family it ⁢belonged to. He described the discovery as a “portal back in time,” and felt‌ a deep sense of ​responsibility to ⁣find the ⁢rightful owners.

Escobar and his wife, Nicole, embarked on a journey⁤ to track down the ⁣owner of the wallet. After much research, they were able to locate the family of Floy Culbreth, the owner of the wallet. The ​discovery led them⁤ to Thea Chamberlain, Culbreth’s daughter, who was overjoyed to be reunited with her mother’s long-lost belongings.

The wallet was filled with history, providing a glimpse into ⁢Culbreth’s life and‌ the memories she cherished. Chamberlain found some of‍ her own ​belongings⁣ in the wallet, evoking a flood⁣ of memories and bringing her mother back to life in ‍a way.

In November,⁣ the Culbreth family gathered at ⁣the Plaza Theatre to retrieve the⁤ wallet and commemorate ⁢their family history. Several generations of Culbreths were present, including grandchildren who marveled at the trinkets and treasures found in the⁣ wallet.

This heartwarming reunion served as a reminder of ⁣the ⁢enduring power ⁤of family history and the‍ significance of preserving ⁢cherished memories.

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  1. Agree with good grammar and punctuation: Incredible how a single wallet can unlock a treasure trove of family history after all these years! The power of rediscovering our roots is truly remarkable.


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