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Approximately 100 Airbus workers become sick following annual holiday celebration


TOULOUSE, France – A holiday celebration for employees of an Airbus subsidiary in France turned into ‍a health scare as dozens of⁢ employees fell ‌ill after a company ‌Christmas party earlier ‌this month.

“Around 100‌ Airbus Atlantic employees ‍were taken ill after contracting a food-borne illness from the company-organized Christmas lunch,” a⁢ spokesperson for the ‍European aeronautics company said in an emailed statement to CNN.

The spokesperson⁢ did not specify the type of food that caused the illness, leaving many questions unanswered.

Despite the unfortunate incident, nobody at Airbus was seriously​ affected, and all⁢ employees ⁣were back at work by the following Monday, according to the spokesperson.

Airbus Atlantic, established in January 2022, ⁤is a ⁣wholly owned Airbus⁤ subsidiary⁤ specializing in airplane ⁣seats. With 13,000 employees⁣ in five countries, the ill-fated Christmas lunch occurred in France, where French health⁢ authorities are leading an investigation ⁤into the outbreak.

“This⁣ appears to be an isolated⁢ event and all employees are recovering well,” the ⁣Airbus spokesperson added. “The health ⁣of our employees remains our primary concern and we are ‌fully cooperating with the⁤ ARS health agency to identify the cause of the illness ​and ensure this cannot happen ‌again in the future.”

As the investigation continues, Airbus Atlantic is taking steps to ‌ensure the safety and well-being ⁢of its employees, and the company is committed‍ to preventing‍ similar incidents in the future.

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  1. Disagree, poor grammar: I dont think its a big deal if workers get sick, they should have taken proper precautions #notmyproblem


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