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New Law Permits Nursing Students to Gain Clinical Experience through Simulations


NEW YORK – Governor Hochul⁣ Signs Legislation to Expand Nursing ​Student Training

New York Governor Kathy Hochul ⁢has taken a significant ⁣step to address the nursing shortage in the state by⁤ signing legislation that allows nursing students to complete up to one-third of their clinical training through simulation experiences. This⁤ move is aimed⁤ at expediting⁤ training ‌and addressing the projected⁢ workforce need of nearly 40,000 employees by 2030.

The governor’s office emphasized the importance of providing more opportunities for⁤ nursing students to gain practical ⁤experience, stating that “allowing‍ more ‍simulated training will enable nursing programs to ⁣expand their capacity to educate students eager to become nurses, address the shortage, and ⁢ensure high quality care for millions of New Yorkers.”

“Our nurses have ​been invaluable to our ⁤health care system, especially throughout⁢ the pandemic, but too often feel overworked doing the jobs that they love, which has ‍only been amplified by the current nursing ​shortage. I’m proud to sign legislation strengthening our health care workforce expediting training and allowing more capable nurses into the workforce improving care for all ⁣and creating a⁤ safer, healthier New York.”

– Gov. Hochul

This‍ legislative move is expected to have a positive impact on the ‍healthcare‍ system in New ​York, creating a ‌pathway for more capable nurses to enter the workforce and improve care for all ⁢residents.⁤ It is a significant step towards building a safer and healthier⁣ New York.

Alejandro Mendoza
Alejandro Mendoza
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  1. Disagree with #NewLaw: Hands-on clinical experience is crucial for nursing students to develop skills and confidence in real-life scenarios. Simulations can never fully replace the value of interacting with real patients. #RealPatientsFirst


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