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Atlanta Zoo Welcomes First Southern White Rhinoceros Birth on Christmas Eve


ATLANTA – Zoo Atlanta is celebrating the arrival of a precious Christmas⁤ gift: a baby ‍rhinoceros!

This adorable southern white rhino ⁢was born on December⁤ 24th, marking the first of its species to be born at the‍ zoo. The calf is in good health ‌and ⁢is ⁢being well taken care of by its mother, according to ⁤park officials.

This⁢ special arrival is⁣ only the ⁣second rhino to be born at the zoo, with the first being an eastern black rhino in 2013, as stated in‍ a news release.

Although the zoo did not ‍provide specific details about⁣ the calf, it did mention that‍ newborn white ‍rhinos can weigh between 100 to 150 pounds at birth, making ⁤them one of the‍ “animal kingdom’s largest terrestrial mammal babies.”

The calf’s parents, 22-year-old mother Kiazi and​ 12-year-old father Mumbles, ⁤were introduced at the zoo in early 2022, and the pregnancy was confirmed ‌by park staff ⁤in ⁤spring 2023.​ The calf and ⁣its mother will continue ‌to bond ⁤before joining the rhino habitat, the zoo reported.

“The Zoo ‍Atlanta family is thrilled‌ about the ​birth of⁣ Kiazi’s calf. This news has been⁣ eagerly anticipated for many ​months,” ⁤said Raymond B.‍ King, Zoo Atlanta’s president‍ and CEO.

King also emphasized the‌ potential for zoo guests to ‍connect with the new calf⁣ and its mother, which could lead to “conservation action.”

“All rhino‌ species are currently in peril, and as stewards of this brand-new ambassador here in Atlanta, we also have a responsibility to do all⁤ we ⁤can to raise awareness​ of the status of wild ⁣rhinos,” King added.

The ‌International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources classifies southern white rhinos as⁣ “near threatened,” with a decreasing population trend. The zoo highlighted the ‌serious issue of poaching for⁤ rhino horns,⁣ which has led ​to​ the extinction and ‌near-extinction of​ some⁢ species.

“Powdered rhino horn is believed by some⁣ cultures⁤ to possess medical properties, although rhino horns are ​made of keratin — the ⁢same substance ​found in human hair and fingernails — and have no​ known⁤ medicinal value,” the zoo explained.

In addition to the new calf,‌ the zoo also​ welcomed another female southern white rhinoceros‍ in October, 17-year-old Dakari, as mentioned in the‌ release.

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