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Proposed Medicare Wage Payment Adjustment Could Result in Higher Payments for New York Hospitals


NEW YORK (WKBW) — U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer​ (D – NY) announced Friday that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) proposed⁣ rule ​change could have a nearly $1 billion annual impact on‍ Upstate New ⁣York hospitals.

According to Schumer, for ⁤years the Upstate New York hospitals have received less than the national average for the services they provide and ⁣the proposed rule change would increase the ⁣federal funding ⁢they ​receive ⁣by $967+ million.

Schumer said he will now launch an “all-out push” to ensure⁤ that the proposal is finalized by CMS.

“For far too long, Upstate New⁣ York ⁤hospitals have faced unfairly low ​Medicare payments that fell terribly short of⁣ wage ⁣demands leaving ‍hospitals struggling to compete to bring the best doctors and nurses to ⁤Upstate New⁣ York. ‌After years of ⁢fighting though, ‌the feds have finally ‍shifted course, and ‌proposed a new⁢ rule that can‌ help finally rectify the unfair payment system, and give ​Upstate NY ​the ⁤shot in the ​arm it has long needed ​to the tune of nearly a billion dollars every single year. This means that hospitals ⁢from Buffalo‌ to‍ Albany and ⁣Watertown⁢ to Binghamton, big and small, in rural and⁤ urban areas,‍ can ‌get the support they have long deserved. I will use all my⁢ clout⁣ as majority leader to push CMS to finalize this proposed wage increase, and I won’t stop until ​Upstate NY⁢ hospitals get the full ‍reimbursements they have been denied for too long.”

– ⁢Sen. Schumer

Below you can find ⁣the estimated increases in payments ⁤per ‌region and per hospital provided by Schumer.

Upstate ⁣New York Region Estimated Increase⁢ in Medicare​ Wage Index Payments for Hospitals with⁢ Proposed Rule Change
Southern Tier $111,294,513
Western New York $170,097,923
Rochester-Finger Lakes $242,572,031
Central New York $121,408,292
Capital Region
Alejandro Mendoza
Alejandro Mendoza
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