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Parasite’ Actor Lee Sun-kyun Passes Away


SEOUL, South Korea – The world is ⁤mourning the ⁤loss of actor Lee Sun-kyun, known for his role in the Oscar-winning movie “Parasite.” Lee was found dead in a car in a central Seoul park on Wednesday, leaving fans and colleagues shocked and saddened by the news.

Police‌ had‌ been searching for Lee ‍after his family reported he left home following a message that resembled⁤ a suicide note. The South Korean media outlets reported the tragic⁢ news,⁢ leaving the entertainment industry⁤ in disbelief.

Lee’s career was marked by his ⁣exceptional‍ talent and versatility. He gained international ‌recognition for his role in “Parasite,” for which he won ​a Screen ⁤Actors Guild‍ award. Additionally, he was ⁣nominated​ for the best actor‌ at the International Emmy Awards for his performance in the sci-fi thriller “Dr. Brain.”

Before his⁢ global success with “Parasite,” Lee ⁤was a familiar face⁢ on ​Korean screens for decades.​ He gained popularity with his ​roles ⁤in ⁤popular ⁢drama series ‌such as ​”Coffee Prince (2007),” “Behind The White ⁣Tower,” “Pasta (2010),” and “My Mister (2018).” His contribution⁤ to the ​entertainment industry will always be ‌remembered and cherished.

Lee’s sudden passing has⁢ left⁤ a void in the hearts ​of his fans and colleagues. His legacy ⁢as‍ a ‍talented actor and his impact on the film industry will continue to⁤ inspire future ‍generations.

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