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New York State joins federal initiative to offer summer food assistance to qualifying students


NEW YORK -​ Governor Kathy Hochul has made an⁤ exciting announcement for families in New York. The state has decided to participate in the U.S. Department of⁤ Agriculture’s Summer Electronic Benefit Transfer Program for Children (Summer EBT), which ⁤will bring in over $200 million in federal funding.

This program is specifically designed to address the ⁢issue of hunger and food ‌insecurity for children who rely on free and‍ reduced-price⁢ school meals during the school year, but struggle ‍to access these meals during ‍the summer months.

“Our kids need healthy, nutritious⁣ food‍ to ‍grow and thrive. This new federal funding will be a critical lifeline⁣ for ‍families struggling to make‌ ends meet.”

– Gov. Hochul

Eligible families⁤ with ⁢school-age children will ‌receive $120 per child during ⁢the summer, ⁣providing ‍much-needed support during the ‌months when school meals are not‍ available. It is estimated that around‍ 2 million children in New York will qualify ​for this benefit, and more information on eligibility ​and‌ distribution will ‍be⁣ made ‌available in the near‍ future.

Alejandro Mendoza
Alejandro Mendoza
Alejandro Mendoza is a dedicated journalist, known for his in-depth research and commitment to truth. A graduate of Columbia University's School of Journalism, he specializes in revealing and reporting on significant local issues.
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  1. Federal Initiative for summer food assistance is a great step towards eliminating hunger among qualifying students in New York State.


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