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US and Mexico to enhance collaboration in reducing unprecedented migration levels


MEXICO CITY — In a historic move, Mexican and U.S. officials have come together to address the unprecedented surge in‍ migration at their shared border. This joint effort was ‍announced in a statement released by both governments on Thursday, following high-level talks‍ aimed at curbing the record numbers ‍of migrants.

As a result of U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s visit to Mexico, the two ⁤countries ​have committed to enhancing a sponsorship initiative for Venezuelan, Cuban, ⁢Nicaraguan, and Haitian migrants. Additionally, they will be focusing ​on addressing the root causes of migration.

Furthermore, the delegations have agreed to meet again in Washington next month to continue discussions on regularizing the situation of ⁢beneficiaries of the ⁣U.S. Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, as well as long-time undocumented Hispanic migrants living in the United States.

These developments come in the wake of the ‌temporary closure of some border crossings by the U.S., which led‍ to trade disruptions and criticism from Republicans regarding the‌ Biden administration’s border policies. It​ is anticipated that immigration and border security will be key issues in the upcoming U.S. 2024 elections, where President Joe Biden is seeking a second term.

Earlier on Thursday, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador ⁢confirmed that‍ the two parties had reached an agreement⁣ to keep border crossings open after the temporary closures.

“This agreement has been reached, the rail crossings and the border bridges are already being opened to normalize the situation,” Lopez Obrador announced during⁣ a morning press conference.

Lopez Obrador also commended the direct and productive nature of the meetings with⁢ the U.S. delegation, and expressed ⁢his appreciation for the Biden administration’s relationship with Mexico.

‘Faith in God’

The surge in migration has seen over ⁤half a million migrants crossing the perilous Darien Gap jungle, which connects South America with Central America. ‍This figure is double the record from last year, with many individuals fleeing crime, poverty, and⁣ conflict in​ search of better opportunities in the United States.

Meanwhile,⁢ a new caravan of migrants and asylum seekers, including many with young children, is making‌ its way through‍ southern Mexico, heading towards the U.S. ‌border. While Lopez Obrador estimated the caravan to consist of around 1,500 people, some ‌activists and local media have reported the ⁣figure to be as high as 7,000.

“We have to have faith in God,” said Honduran migrant Marvin Mejias, as he journeyed ​with his son, who had recently undergone foot surgery. Mejias expressed hope that the ⁢governments’ agreement would facilitate ‌his entry into the U.S. and enable him to work there.

On ‌a different note, ⁤Lopez Obrador mentioned that the issue​ of fentanyl, a potent and lethal opioid trafficked by Mexican cartels into the U.S., was only briefly discussed during Wednesday’s meeting.

The United States has been urging Mexico to‍ take stronger action against fentanyl ⁢trafficking, while Mexico has been advocating for stricter U.S. controls to⁣ prevent firearms from reaching the powerful cartels.

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  1. Agree. This collaboration is crucial in addressing the escalating migration levels and finding sustainable solutions for both countries.


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