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California coast to face additional monster waves following injuries and flooding


VENTURA, Calif. – The ⁤California coastline is currently experiencing a series of powerful storms in the Pacific Ocean, resulting ⁤in⁢ towering waves that ⁤are causing flooding and posing a significant risk​ to ⁣people and structures along the coast.

The monstrous waves, some‍ reaching over 20 feet, have already caused injuries⁢ and forced rescues. ‍The‍ situation is so severe that all Ventura County beaches will be closed through New⁢ Year’s ‍Eve​ due to the expected 15- to 20-foot waves along the central and Southern California coasts.

According ⁢to the weather service in Los Angeles, this is expected to be an exceptional ‌high-surf‍ and⁣ coastal flooding event that has not occurred in many years. The rising sea levels ⁢along the California coastline are exacerbating the situation, making coastal flooding events worse.

The first round of dangerous waves hit alongside high tide Thursday morning, causing injuries and sweeping⁤ several people away. The situation is so dire that beaches are being closed, ​and local ​officials are working to reinforce barriers and close ⁢off access⁤ points to piers ​and coastal streets.

While the spectacular waves have enthralled some surfers and onlookers,⁣ the⁤ National Weather ‌Service is cautioning that ​the ⁤waves and strong rip tides can​ be perilous for those nearby. Large breaking waves can cause injury, wash people off beaches and rocks, and capsize small boats near shore.

The conditions have also caused road closures, evacuations, and the rescue of campers along the coast. Crews in Ventura worked ⁢through the night to reinforce ​a mile-long sand barrier that was damaged by powerful waters on Thursday, and local officials are taking precautions to ensure the safety of residents and visitors.

It’s important for everyone to exercise caution ​and stay away ‍from the coastline during this time to avoid any potential dangers ‌posed by the powerful waves and flooding.

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  1. Agree: This is concerning and we should take necessary precautions to protect those living along the California coast. Stay safe everyone!


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