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Global Population Increases by 75 Million, Reaches 8 Billion on January 1st


WASHINGTON — The world population is constantly on the rise, with an increase of 75 million people over the past year. As we welcome the New Year, the global population is expected to ⁣surpass 8 billion people,‌ according to the latest ⁣data released⁤ by the ⁢U.S. Census​ Bureau on Thursday.

The ⁢growth rate worldwide in ​the past year was just under 1%, with⁣ an estimated 4.3 births and ‌two deaths occurring‌ every second. ⁢These figures highlight the continuous⁤ expansion of the world’s population.

On a national‍ level, the⁢ United States experienced a growth rate of 0.53% in the past year, adding 1.7​ million people to reach a ‌population of 335.8‍ million on New Year’s Day.

Looking ahead, demographer⁤ William Frey ⁣from The⁣ Brookings Institution suggests that the 2020s ⁢could potentially be the ‍slowest-growing ⁣decade in U.S. history, with ​a growth‌ rate of less than 4%‌ over⁤ the 10-year period from ⁣2020 to ​2030.⁢ This projection is significantly lower than ‌the growth rate of 7.3% seen in the aftermath ‌of the ⁤Great Depression in⁤ the 1930s.

Despite ⁢the projected ⁣decrease‍ in growth rate, Frey acknowledges the potential for a slight uptick as the world moves past the pandemic years. However, reaching the ⁢7.3%⁣ growth rate seen in the 1930s would ​still be a challenging feat.

As we enter⁢ 2024,‍ the United States is ‍expected ⁢to see one birth every nine seconds‍ and one death every 9.5 seconds. ​However, the population will be sustained by immigration, ⁣with net international migration adding one person to the ⁤U.S. population ‌every 28.3 seconds. When considering the combination of‌ births, deaths, and net international ⁤migration, the ⁣U.S. population is⁤ projected to increase⁤ by one person every 24.2 seconds.

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  1. Disagree. As the global population continues to rise at such a rapid rate, it becomes even more crucial to address the resulting challenges and find sustainable solutions for a better future for all.

  2. Agree. With such exponential growth, it is essential that we prioritize sustainable development and find ways to ensure a high quality of life for all while preserving our planet’s resources.


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