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Las Vegas Anticipates Record Number of Weddings on New Year’s Eve Due to Repeating Date Pattern


LAS VEGAS⁤ – Get ready for a New Year’s​ Eve to remember in Las Vegas as ‌couples flock to the city to tie the knot on a specialty date that’s sure to make history!

On 12/31/23,‍ the city’s wedding industry is gearing up for a record-breaking day, thanks to⁢ the unique 1-2-3 1-2-3 pattern. And⁢ with the added excitement of New ⁢Year’s Eve, it’s shaping up to be a double celebration!

According to Melody Willis-Williams, president of Vegas ⁣Weddings, specialty dates always draw a huge crowd, but when you combine it with New Year’s Eve, it’s a ‌showstopper. The⁢ company is fully booked ⁤at its multiple venues, ⁣with more⁣ than 120 couples expected to‍ say “I do” on this magical night.

The current record to beat‌ is 4,492 marriages set on July 7, 2007, but ​with the ‍buzz surrounding this year’s New Year’s ​Eve, it’s anyone’s guess how many couples will walk down the‍ aisle.

Clark County Clerk Lynn Marie Goya described specialty dates as “magic dates” that are easy to remember, and the group ​dynamic of​ a mass celebration only adds to the excitement for the couples.

So get⁣ ready for‍ a night of ​love, celebration, and record-breaking weddings in Las Vegas this New Year’s Eve!

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