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University of Utah chosen as host for 2024 presidential debate


SALT LAKE CITY – The University of Utah has been selected to host the final 2024 presidential debate, marking a significant achievement ⁢for the university and the state of Utah. The ​process of securing this honor involved years of collaboration and bipartisan support from state politicians and⁢ university officials.

Behind the Scenes of the‍ Selection Process

The University of Utah⁤ submitted its bid to host the 2024 debate to the Commission on Presidential Debates, a⁣ nonpartisan⁢ organization responsible for organizing presidential debates. The selection process involved​ meeting specific criteria such‍ as having suitable facilities, student involvement, and consulting with federal ⁢law enforcement to ensure security.

After successfully hosting the vice-presidential debate in 2020,⁢ the University of Utah proved its capability to manage ‍high-stakes events, which played a crucial role in securing the 2024 presidential debate.

Bipartisan Support and Collaboration

Throughout the bid​ process, ⁤major⁢ officials ‍across Utah, ⁣including Governor Spencer Cox, Salt Lake City Mayor Erin Mendenhall, and ⁣university⁤ president Taylor ‍Randall, worked together to support the bid. The bipartisan support and collaboration were instrumental in showcasing Utah’s readiness to host the prestigious event.

The University of Utah will host the‍ final presidential debate on October 9, 2024, ‌and this opportunity is seen as a nod to Utah’s influence in national politics. It is a ‌moment of ‍pride for Utahns, as it reflects the significance ⁤of their opinions and the state’s approach to policy.

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