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Deadly Plane Collision Causes Fire at Haneda Airport in Japan, Resulting in 5 Fatalities and Safe Evacuation of Hundreds


TOKYO — A passenger plane and a Japanese ‍coast ⁤guard aircraft collided on the runway at⁢ Tokyo’s Haneda⁤ Airport on⁢ Tuesday and burst into flames.

Transport Minister Tetsuo Saito confirmed⁢ that all 379 occupants of Japan Airlines ⁤flight JAL-516 got out safely before ‍the plane was entirely engulfed in flames.⁤ The pilot of ⁤the coast guard plane also escaped, but five crewmembers died, Saito said.

Local TV video⁣ showed a large‍ eruption of fire and smoke from the side of the Japan Airlines plane as it taxied after landing. The area around the wing then caught fire. Footage an hour later showed the plane fully ⁢on fire.

The ⁢JAL plane was an Airbus A-350 that had flown ‍from Shin Chitose airport, near the city of Sapporo, to Haneda, the transport ‍minister said.

Coast Guard spokesperson ⁤Yoshinori Yanagishima said its plane ‌was an MA-722, a Bombardier‍ Dash-8. The plane, which is⁢ based at Haneda, had been ​due to head to Niigata⁤ to deliver relief goods to residents affected by‍ a deadly earthquake in the region on Monday that killed at least 48 people.

Swede Anton Deibe, 17, who was a passenger on the‌ Japan Airlines plane, ‍told Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet that “the entire cabin was filled with smoke‍ within a few minutes. We threw ourselves down on the floor. Then the emergency doors were ⁤opened, and we threw ourselves at them.

“We have no​ idea where we are going, so we ⁣just run out into the field. It was chaos,” ‍added Deibe, who was traveling with his parents⁣ and sister.

Saito said Haneda is currently closed​ while the collision is under investigation by aviation safety investigators​ and police but that they are doing their best to reopen the airport Wednesday or even sooner.

He ⁤added that said officials are‍ doing their utmost to prevent any delays in​ the‍ relief goods ​delivery and other operations for the disaster-hit region.

Haneda is one of the busiest airports in Japan, and many people travel over the New Year‍ holidays.


Shocking Collision ⁤at Haneda Airport

It was a‌ terrifying scene ‍at Haneda Airport when a passenger plane and a Japanese coast guard aircraft collided on the runway and burst into⁤ flames. The incident resulted in‍ the tragic loss ‍of‌ five crewmembers, but all 379 occupants of the Japan Airlines flight managed to escape safely.

Eye-Witness Account

One of⁢ the ‌passengers, 17-year-old Anton⁤ Deibe, described the chaos inside the cabin as smoke filled the air within minutes⁣ of the collision. The passengers had to act quickly to ensure their‍ safety, and the entire experience was nothing‌ short of chaotic.

Investigation⁣ and Relief Efforts

Currently, Haneda Airport is ‍closed as ⁤aviation safety investigators and⁣ police work to determine ‌the cause of the collision. Despite the closure, officials are working tirelessly to prevent ‌any delays in the delivery of relief goods to the region affected by a recent deadly earthquake.

Recovery and Reopening

While the airport ‌remains closed, efforts are underway to reopen Haneda as soon as possible. The ​incident has caused disruptions during the busy New ⁢Year holiday travel season, but authorities ⁢are committed to restoring normal operations.

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  1. Good punctuation and grammar, Disagree.

    Absolutely devastating. While it’s a relief that many were able to evacuate safely, it’s unacceptable that a deadly collision like this occurred. There needs to be a thorough investigation to prevent future tragedies.


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