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Lahaina’s Banyan Tree Begins to Recover After Maui Wildfires


SALT LAKE CITY — The resilience of Lahaina’s historic banyan tree is a symbol of hope for the community after the devastating August wildfires on Maui. Despite being badly burned, the tree‌ is showing signs of new life, ⁣thanks to​ the dedicated efforts of arborists and volunteers.

Walking‌ under the massive branches of the 150-year-old landmark, the damage⁢ from the wildfires is evident.‌ However, amidst ‍the charred leaves, green sprouts are emerging, signaling a remarkable​ recovery.

A Testament to Resilience

Maui County arborist, Tim Griffith, expressed his⁣ amazement at the rapid growth of new leaves, ‌stating, “One of the first little leaf sucker growth was this‍ one. Just hoping maybe in two, three months, we would see some sign of life. And it came in three ⁢weeks.”

While the wildfires took a toll on the surrounding monkeypod trees, the banyan tree was shielded from ⁣major damage by ⁢the wind, offering a glimmer of hope⁤ for the future.

Griffith emphasized the importance of maintaining the tree’s healthy⁢ roots to ensure its continued growth, likening its recovery ‌to a “phoenix‌ from the ⁣ashes.”

As the community rallies ‌around the banyan tree, efforts are also underway to⁣ save ‍another tree affected by the wildfires — the 250-year-old⁣ “ulu” breadfruit tree. With promising signs of recovery, the community remains optimistic about the future.

The remarkable resilience of Lahaina’s banyan tree‍ serves⁣ as a powerful reminder​ that even ⁣in the face of adversity, new life and hope can emerge.

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