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Several fatalities in strong earthquake in Japan


TOKYO — A powerful 7.5 magnitude earthquake struck ‌Japan’s Ishikawa prefecture on Monday,‍ resulting in at least ⁤four deaths and two ⁢serious injuries, according to⁤ local authorities. The earthquake, ‍which ​hit at 4:10 p.m. ‌local ‍time, caused widespread damage and triggered tsunami warnings along ‍the coastal regions of western Japan.

The Japan Meteorological Agency issued a ⁤tsunami warning immediately after the earthquake,‍ with the first waves hitting the coast just ⁤over 10‌ minutes later. Although⁢ the warnings were later canceled, tsunami advisories for waves up to ⁣1 meter remain in effect.

Reports from​ Ishikawa prefecture’s Suzu city indicate‌ that buildings have been⁢ damaged and there are injuries, with some ​people trapped in damaged houses. A major⁣ tsunami⁢ warning was also issued in the city ‍of Noto, with waves of around 5 meters expected.

Footage from NHK showed the intense shaking caused by the earthquake, with houses rocked, collapsed roofs, and shaken foundations. The earthquake also led‌ to ⁤the suspension of⁤ some services of Japan’s Shinkansen bullet trains.

More than 32,500 homes in Ishikawa prefecture were left without power following the quake, and a series of strong aftershocks followed, with the country’s weather agency warning that powerful aftershocks could continue ⁢over the next three days to a ​week.

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said authorities ⁢were‌ working to assess potential damage in affected areas, and U.S. President Joe Biden extended ⁤support to Japan, stating that the United States “stands ready to provide any necessary assistance⁣ for the ‌Japanese people.”

International Impact

The ‍earthquake ‌also‍ prompted tsunami alerts in eastern Russia,​ with the South Korean Meteorological Administration​ monitoring possible sea level changes in the east coast⁤ areas‍ of Gangneung, Yang Yang, and Goseong of Gangwon Province and Pohang City.

As the affected areas continue to assess the damage ‍and impact of the earthquake, the‍ international community stands ready‍ to provide support and assistance to those affected​ by this natural disaster.

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  1. Several fatalities in strong earthquake in Japan.

    Agree: So heartbreaking to hear about the loss of lives in this devastating earthquake. My thoughts and prayers go out to the affected families and the people of Japan. Stay strong!


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