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Scotia-Glenville students knit scarves for those less fortunate


SCOTIA-GLENVILLE – High School Students Spread ⁤Warmth and Cheer this Holiday Season

A group of compassionate high⁢ school students at Scotia-Glenville went above and beyond​ to help ⁣those ‍in need this winter. Led by their dedicated teachers and coaches Jen Russell, Maria Wagner, and​ Pat ​Zeman,⁣ the students worked tirelessly to ⁣create handmade scarves using donated fleece. Their goal? To provide warmth and comfort to those facing the harsh winter weather.

The finished scarves were generously donated to the Schenectady City Mission, where they were gratefully received.⁤ Julia Goldstock, the director of the annual fund at the mission, expressed ‌her gratitude, saying, “Please tell⁣ the students we all say thank you and share with them how much of ⁢a difference they are making for people in need‍ this‍ winter.”

But the students didn’t stop ⁢there. In addition to the much-needed cold-weather essentials, they also took the time to‍ create handmade holiday cards,⁢ adding an extra touch of cheer to each gift.

This heartwarming act of kindness serves as ⁤a reminder that even‌ the smallest gestures can make a big impact. The students’ selfless efforts have undoubtedly brought warmth and joy ⁣to those in need this holiday season.

Kiara Thomas
Kiara Thomas
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