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Lawsuit alleges customer injured by exploding toilet at Florida Dunkin’ store


ORLANDO,⁢ Fla. – A bizarre incident at a Dunkin’ location ⁣in central Florida has led to a negligence ​lawsuit filed by a customer who claims he was​ injured by an exploding toilet.

Paul Kerouac is ​seeking more than $100,000 in damages after suffering “severe and‌ long-term⁤ injuries” from‌ the explosion of a toilet in the men’s room of a Dunkin’ location in Winter Park, Florida.

According‌ to the lawsuit, after ⁢the explosion, Kerouac was left covered in​ human feces, urine,⁤ and debris. He sought help from workers and the store’s manager, who allegedly⁣ admitted that‍ they were aware of the “problem‍ with the toilet” due to previous ‍incidents.

When⁢ contacted for more details on Kerouac’s⁤ injuries, his ⁢attorney, Scott Spradley, said he was tied ‌up ⁤and couldn’t answer the questions until the following day. Dunkin’ has not yet ⁢responded to​ the lawsuit.

The lawsuit states that Kerouac has suffered “bodily injury” and has required‌ mental health care and counseling since the​ incident in January 2022.

This unusual incident has raised concerns about the‌ safety and maintenance standards at Dunkin’ locations, and ​has left many customers shocked and concerned about the potential risks of using the facilities.

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  1. Agree: Exploding toilets? Lawsuits like these are necessary to protect customers and hold businesses accountable for their negligence.


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