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Parking restrictions in Schenectady and Rotterdam in anticipation of weekend snowstorm


SCHENECTADY -‍ Local municipalities are preparing for an upcoming snowstorm this weekend, with ⁢Schenectady reminding residents of parking restrictions and Rotterdam declaring a snow emergency.

The storm is ‌expected to ‍bring as much as 12 inches of snow ⁤to the two municipalities and elsewhere in the region.

What are Schenectady’s Snowstorm Parking Restrictions?

In Schenectady,​ Mayor Gary McCarthy reminded residents that‍ priority street parking restrictions will ​be⁣ in place after three⁣ inches of snow accumulation. Vehicles parked on priority streets after that could be ‌ticketed or towed.

Parking on priority streets may resume⁤ only after the storm has ended and the entire street has been cleared to the curb, officials said.

The ​city urges residents to use off-street parking. The ⁢Schenectady Municipal⁤ Parking Garage on Broadway will also‌ be free 5 p.m.​ Friday ⁣through ⁣9 a.m. Tuesday, officials said.

Schenectady’s Priority Streets:

  • Van Vranken Avenue
  • Nott​ Street (Erie Boulevard to Wendell Avenue)
  • Union Street
  • Eastern Avenue
  • Brandywine Avenue‌ (State Street to Rugby Road)
  • McClellan Street (State Street to Rugby Road)
  • State Street
  • Erie Boulevard (State Street to I-890)
  • Albany Street ‍(Veeder‍ Avenue⁣ to Elm Street)
  • Altamont Avenue
  • Schuyler Street (Michigan Avenue to ⁤Altamont Avenue)
  • Michigan Avenue
  • Crane Street
  • Chrisler Avenue
  • Broadway ⁣(State Street to the city line)
  • Campbell Avenue (Broadway to Fairview Avenue)

Officials also reminded residents to follow⁣ posted ⁣parking signage to ensure streets can get⁢ cleared and residents should ensure their ‌sidewalks are cleared and accessible, hydrants are cleared and that⁢ snow should not ⁢be shoveled back into the street.

Schenectady’s snowplow ‌tracking system is also on the city’s website at CityofSchenectady.com.

What are Rotterdam’s ⁣snowstorm restrictions?

In ⁢Rotterdam, the town’s ⁣highway superintendent declared a snow ‍emergency to begin at 6 p.m. Saturday and end at 9 p.m. Monday.

No‍ cars should be parked ⁢on town roads or other items on the side of town roads. Any vehicles ‌parked on a⁣ town road will be ticketed and towed, officials ‍said.

Garbage cans out should be in the ‌resident’s driveway so plows don’t hit‌ them. Sidewalks should be clear ⁣of all other objects. Basketball ⁣hoops need⁢ to be off the road and out of the right of way for plows.

Further⁢ information⁣ is at RotterdamNY.org.

SCHENECTADY – Snow Emergencies in Schenectady are announced by​ the mayor and are not solely based on the ⁢amount of snowfall at the time that they are called. However, with the upcoming snow storm predicted to hit the East Coast this weekend, being prepared and knowing what to do just in the event of a‌ snow emergency is important.

According⁢ to the National Weather Service in Albany, on Saturday, Jan. 6, starting in the evening, the “Atlantic⁢ moisture, [or water in the air] may ‌bring a moderate to locally heavy snowfall‌ from the Capital Region, eastern Catskills, southern ⁤Vermont, south and east. Light to moderate snowfall is possible north and west.” Then until midweek, remaining snow ⁢showers are predicted.

This is the first⁤ time this season that the forecast has called for accumulation of⁢ snow⁢ and in the result of a‌ snow emergency in Schenectady, these are ⁢the rules that apply.

When a snow ⁤emergency is announced ⁢by the mayor, it will take effect at either 8 p.m. or 8 a.m. Once declared, all normal and ​priority street parking restrictions are suspended.

According to the city ​of Schenectady, ‌all vehicles must be parked on the even-numbered side of the street by the ⁤snow emergency’s declared start time. This includes all‌ streets, except if‌ parking⁣ is already restricted, if⁤ it‌ will create ⁤a hazard or if parking would defy ​a temporary posting. Once parked⁤ on the even-numbered side, cars must remain there for ‌24 hours.

“All vehicles must be moved to the odd-numbered side of the street (with the listed exceptions still ⁣in effect). The even/odd rotation continues until the mayor ends the snow emergency. Although every ‍snow emergency will be ‍in effect for a minimum of 48 hours, some could last for several days, depending on the amount of snowfall and other conditions,” the city’s website states.

To learn more about Schenectady’s snow ⁢policies, including plowing information, visit the city snow emergency parking restrictions page.

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