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Schenectady Industrial Development Agency to Acquire Former Fireside Restaurant


Schenectady IDA to ⁣Purchase Former Fireside Pizzeria and Sandwich Pub Building

The site‌ of‌ a once-popular restaurant that has sat empty ‌since closing⁣ more​ than a decade ago is set to be purchased by the Schenectady Industrial⁣ Development Agency.

The IDA will purchase the former Fireside Pizzeria and Sandwich Pub building at 1631 Eastern Parkway for $110,000.⁣ The ⁣building, which sits⁤ across the ​street from Market 32, has sat empty after the once-popular restaurant shuttered in 2011.

Ray Gillen, chair⁤ of the‌ Schenectady County‍ Metroplex Development Authority, said the building is “in terrible condition” due to years of ​neglect from an ‌“absentee⁣ owner.”

Metroplex will evaluate the property to determine if repairs are ‍possible⁤ or if demolition is warranted, Gillen said.

The property ‌is owned‌ by 1957 Sub SC, a limited liability company ‍based on Long Island. The company ‍purchased the building in 2015.

“Despite code enforcement efforts by ⁢the city, the owner⁤ based on⁢ Long Island⁣ never made needed repairs, so we are ‌buying the building to improve the ⁢neighborhood and remove this blight,”​ Gillen said.

There ​have been attempts at revitalizing the‍ building over⁣ the ​years, but‌ nothing ever came to ⁣fruition.

The city’s IDA is administered by Metroplex. ​The agency will fund the purchase from fees collected from other ⁣developers. The IDA is also ​seeking to purchase the neighboring building at 1627 Eastern Parkway, which has also sat vacant and been the subject of code violations over the years.

That property is owned by Morales Esperanza of New Jersey. Esperanza could​ not be ‍reached for ‌comment.

Eastern Parkway is one of the most prominent thoroughfares in Schenectady. It runs parallel to Union⁣ Street, connects to Niskayuna and ⁣provides ⁣access to ‌the Central Park ​neighborhood.

“We​ are pleased that the city IDA⁤ is taking this ⁣action to address a long-vacant and neglected building close to the Upper Union‌ Street ⁤neighborhood in an important‍ commercial corridor,” Mayor Gary ⁢McCarthy said in a statement.

Addressing blight has long been a priority for⁤ the city, which has partnered over the years with Metroplex and the⁢ Capital Region Land Bank to demolish or sell vacant‌ city-owned buildings.

Hundreds of properties have been sold over the last decade resulting in millions in new tax​ revenue. More ​have been razed to⁣ make ​way ⁤for future development.

On Van Vranken Avenue,⁢ another ‍major thoroughfare in the city, a pair of vacant buildings were demolished by Metroplex last year, and ​plans‍ to construct a 37-unit apartment ⁤complex at‌ the site were approved a few months later.

Metroplex announced⁣ last year ⁢plans to demolish seven vacant ‍buildings with a history of code violations ⁤along Albany and Schenectady streets to make way for future housing development.

Richard Ruzzo, ‌chair of the Capital Region Land Bank ⁤and ⁢a Schenectady County legislator, said blight will not be⁤ tolerated.

“We are sending a clear message today to landlords‌ to make ⁣needed repairs, bring properties up to⁢ code, and respect our neighborhoods,” he said. “If you do not, our team will take the necessary action to address any blighted structure that negatively impacts public⁣ safety ⁣and⁢ property values.”

Emily Stanton
Emily Stanton
Emily Stanton, a skillful journalist previously based in Boston, is adept at covering a diverse array of stories. Her thorough and engaging reporting style, honed with a Master's in Journalism from Boston University, focuses on community-relevant stories.
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  1. Good punctuation and grammar, agree.
    This is a positive step forward for the Schenectady Industrial Development Agency, as acquiring the former Fireside Restaurant presents an opportunity for redevelopment and economic growth in the area.


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