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Former President of Vale Cemetery, Bernie McEvoy, passes away at the age of 87


Saying ​Goodbye to⁤ a Community⁤ Pillar

SCHENECTADY — The passing⁤ of Dr. Bernard “Bernie” McEvoy has left a void ⁢in the community. He was 87 years old at ‌the⁢ time of his passing, leaving behind a legacy of service and ‍compassion.

McEvoy’s impact on Vale Cemetery ‍was ⁢profound. His dedication to the⁤ historic graveyard led to ‌several key initiatives that transformed it into an even more welcoming final resting⁢ place. One of his most notable contributions was the introduction of green burials, a sustainable and eco-friendly way of interning people without‌ the use of a casket.

But McEvoy’s‍ love for the‌ environment didn’t stop there. He brought in goats and ⁢sheep to mow the grass, ‍showcasing his innovative thinking and commitment to sustainable practices.

His compassion​ extended to pets as well. Under his leadership,⁤ Vale Cemetery became one of the first in the Capital Region ⁣to allow pets to be buried with their owners, recognizing the ‌special bond between humans‍ and their furry companions.

Tom Ciancetta, vice president of the Vale board, fondly remembers McEvoy’s ​sense⁣ of humor ⁢and ⁤his dedication to engaging the youth in meaningful work⁢ at the cemetery. McEvoy’s impact extended beyond‍ the ​cemetery, as he spearheaded the Urban Farm‌ initiative, providing valuable resources to low-income‌ communities in Schenectady.

McEvoy’s contributions were ​not​ limited to Vale Cemetery. As a⁣ dermatologist, ‌educator, and active member of various clubs and ⁣organizations, he touched the lives of many in ‌the community.

His passing is a loss⁣ for Schenectady, but his ⁣legacy​ of service and compassion will‍ continue to inspire future generations.

Remembering Dr.⁣ Bernard McEvoy

Relatives and⁣ friends are invited to attend‌ his Mass of Christian Burial, which will be ​celebrated Saturday ‍at 12 p.m. at St. ‌John the Evangelist‌ Church, where McEvoy and his wife were trustees. The church is located at ‌810⁢ Union St. ​in ⁢Schenectady. Burial will be in St. Mary’s Cemetery in his hometown of Little Falls, at a later date.

He is survived by his three children Bernard McEvoy (Blair) ‌of Franklin, Tennessee; Irene Sellers of Wilmington, North Carolina and Mary Manjikian (Ara) of Chesapeake, ‍Virginia. He is also survived by his sister, Nan, and ten grandchildren,⁢ Haig, Lucine and Rubina⁤ Manjikian; Will, Christopher‌ and Elizabeth McEvoy, and Sydney, Ian, Westley, and Emma Sellers.

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