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New York May Become the First State to Provide Paid Prenatal Leave for Expectant Mothers


NEW YORK CITY ‌— In a groundbreaking move, New York Gov. Kathy Hochul has‌ put ⁢forth a proposal​ to provide pregnant women‌ with 40 hours‌ of paid leave to attend prenatal medical appointments. This initiative, if passed, would make New York the first state​ in‌ the⁢ U.S. to ​offer such benefits, marking‍ a ⁤significant step towards improving maternal and neonatal health.

Hochul’s six-point plan aims to address the⁤ growing maternal mortality rates⁣ in the ​U.S. ⁣and the country’s lag behind other developed nations in ‍this regard. The⁤ plan includes not⁣ only the provision​ of paid leave for‌ prenatal appointments, but ‍also expanded‌ benefits for hiring doulas, ​efforts ⁣to reduce unnecessary cesarean‌ births, improved mental health services for mothers, elimination of copays and out-of-pocket expenses, and the provision ⁣of cribs‍ to all newborns.

Highlighting the urgency of the⁣ situation, Hochul emphasized that mothers and babies⁢ are dying unnecessarily across the nation, and that this⁤ issue‍ is deeply personal to her as⁢ a mother of two. She also pointed out⁢ that while New ⁢York already ‌offers‌ four months of paid leave, the benefits are⁢ currently unavailable⁢ until four weeks ⁤before birth, making it difficult for mothers who ⁤experience ‍early pregnancy sickness or for low-income women ‌who struggle to make medical appointments throughout their pregnancy.

The proposal will be presented ⁢to ‍the state Legislature, where Hochul’s Democrats ‍hold strong majorities ‍in both⁣ houses. While the estimated cost of the plan has ⁢not yet been published, Hochul cited a recent ​report by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which ⁢revealed a‍ 3% increase in infant mortality rates from 2021 to​ 2022, marking the​ first annual increase in 20 years. Additionally, maternal mortality rates have also risen, with the ‍rate for Black women being 2.6 times that for white women.

With this bold ⁢proposal, Gov. Hochul is taking a ⁣significant step towards addressing the maternal and neonatal health crisis in the U.S., and setting a precedent for other ⁢states to follow suit ⁣in prioritizing ⁣the well-being of mothers and babies.

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