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Schenectady resident confesses to sexually assaulting a minor, according to district attorney


SCHENECTADY – A city man admitted this week to sexually assaulting a child under the age of 13, Schenectady County District ‍Attorney’s officials said.

Officials cited the case⁣ as showing the value of the⁤ Schenectady County Child Advocacy Center, described ​as a child-friendly environment specifically designed to forensically interview children related to physical or sexual abuse.

Juan Garcia-Pleitez, 41, pleaded guilty to one count of first-degree criminal sexual act, a felony, ​prosecutors said.

This case highlights the importance of creating⁤ safe spaces for children to disclose abuse and receive ‍the support they need.

He is to be sentenced later⁣ to between 12 and 15 years in state prison, officials said. He is also to receive 20‍ years of post-release supervision.

He is to be sentenced in March.

Garcia-Pleitez admitted to sexually assaulting the child known⁣ to ‍him in⁣ August in‍ Schenectady, officials ⁣said.

The investigation began when the ⁤child disclosed the assault to her mother, who immediately contacted⁢ police.

Detectives from the Schenectady Police ⁤Department’s Youth Aid Bureau investigated and the child was interviewed at⁢ the Schenectady Child Advocacy Center.

The center is run and staffed by the Schenectady County District Attorney’s ‍Office and is ‌nationally accredited.

Those involved in the investigation were able​ to continue their investigation⁤ there.

“This case illustrates the value⁢ of the Child Advocacy Center,” Schenectady County District Attorney ⁣Robert Carney said in a statement. “It is a one stop shop where children can be examined and questioned by trained professionals, ⁢doing the best they can ​to ⁤gather the evidence we need to hold offenders accountable while minimizing trauma to child victims.”

The center also offers counseling at⁤ no charge for victims and their families and help accessing crime victims funding through the state, officials ‌said.

The center is under the direction of ⁣Susan Casey and “is ⁤a genuine asset to the people of Schenectady County,” Carney said.

Special Victim Bureau Chief ⁤John J. Carson prosecuted. Garcia-Pleitez was​ represented by attorney Lee Kindlon. Judge Matthew J. Sypniewski presided.

It ⁢is ⁤crucial to provide support and resources for victims and their families to help them heal and recover from such traumatic ‍experiences.

Juniper Li
Juniper Li
Juniper Li, with her roots in documentary filmmaking, brings a unique narrative style to local news reporting. A graduate of NYU’s Journalism program, Ava has a keen eye for stories that capture the essence of community life. Her reporting often highlights local achievements and challenges, drawing on her experience in visual storytelling.
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  1. Agree: This is absolutely horrifying. The justice system must ensure severe punishment for such acts to protect children and prevent others from committing similar crimes.


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