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Starsky and Hutch actor David Soul passes away at age 80


LONDON — The entertainment world ‌mourns⁢ the loss of ​actor David Soul, best known for ​his role as⁣ detective Ken “Hutch”‍ Hutchinson in the iconic 1970s TV⁤ series ​”Starsky &⁣ Hutch.” Soul passed⁤ away at the ‌age⁣ of 80,⁢ leaving behind⁢ a legacy ⁤of⁢ talent and passion.

His wife, Helen Snell, shared the heartbreaking news,⁤ describing Soul‍ as a beloved husband, father, grandfather, and ‍brother who fought valiantly for his life surrounded‍ by loved ones.

Aside from his‍ memorable role in “Starsky & Hutch,” ⁣Soul also made a mark⁢ in the ‌music industry with his chart-topping single “Don’t Give Up on Us.” His versatility‍ as an actor, singer, and storyteller endeared ⁢him to​ many,​ leaving a⁣ lasting impact on those who crossed paths with him.

While Soul’s portrayal of Hutch brought ⁤him widespread recognition, he also ventured‌ into stage performances⁤ in Britain, showcasing his talent in various theatrical productions. His presence in the entertainment industry extended ⁤beyond ⁢acting,⁤ as he ⁢took⁢ on⁢ the role of a talk-show host in “Jerry Springer — The Opera” in London’s West End.

Despite his ‌passing,​ Soul’s⁣ contributions to the world of entertainment​ will continue to be ​celebrated⁤ and remembered by ​fans​ and colleagues alike. His infectious​ smile, laughter,​ and zest for life ‍will forever be cherished.

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