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Iowa principal injured in school shooting while protecting students, police report


PERRY, Iowa – ​The recent school shooting at Perry⁢ High School has left the entire community in shock and mourning. The heroic actions of Principal Dan Marburger, who put ⁤himself in harm’s way to protect his students,‍ have ⁣been widely praised. ‍Marburger, along with six others, was injured in the shooting,⁣ which tragically resulted in⁣ the ⁤death of an 11-year-old ​student.

The incident, which took place during breakfast before classes, has left the school community reeling. The outpouring of support and well-wishes for the injured individuals has been overwhelming, with many expressing gratitude for the selfless acts of bravery displayed during the shooting.

As the community comes together to support one another during this difficult‌ time, ‍it’s important to remember the impact that‌ such events can have ‍on everyone ⁢involved. The school district has announced ‍that classes will not resume before next Friday at the earliest, allowing time for healing and processing.

Authorities are still investigating the motive behind the shooting and are working to understand the circumstances that led to this tragic event. It’s crucial to address‌ the​ underlying issues ‌that may have contributed to the situation and work towards⁢ preventing similar incidents in the future.

Our thoughts are with the victims and their families as ⁣they navigate this challenging time. The resilience and strength of the Perry community will undoubtedly shine through as they come together to support one another.

It’s important‌ for ⁢everyone to prioritize mental health and seek support if needed during‌ times ​of⁤ crisis. The impact of such traumatic events can be far-reaching, and it’s essential to prioritize​ self-care ‌and well-being.

As the community begins the ⁤healing process, it’s crucial⁢ to remember the importance of coming together and supporting one ⁣another during times of adversity. The Perry community is resilient,​ and⁤ with the support of one⁢ another, ​they will ‌undoubtedly overcome this tragedy.

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  1. Agree #That principal is a true hero, putting themselves in harm’s way to protect the students. Sending prayers for a speedy recovery.


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