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North Korea Fires Near Sea Border with South as Leader’s Sister Mocks Seoul Once More


SEOUL, South Korea‌ – North Korea’s recent artillery shell firings near the sea boundary with South ⁢Korea have once again heightened tensions in the region. The influential⁣ sister of ‍North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, Kim Yo ‌Jong, has⁢ made mocking⁢ statements about South Korea’s ability to ⁢detect ⁣these weapons launches, further escalating the situation.

South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of⁤ Staff have dismissed Kim Yo Jong’s remarks as “a ‌comedy-like, vulgar‍ propaganda” aimed at undermining​ the trust of‍ the South Korean people in⁤ their military and sowing divisions within the country.

According to the Joint ​Chiefs of Staff, North Korea fired ‍more ‍than 90 rounds near the disputed western sea‌ boundary on Sunday‌ afternoon. South Korea has strongly urged North Korea to cease these provocative acts immediately.

North Korea’s military has confirmed that it conducted live-firing exercises using ‍coastal artillery systems, stating that the drills were part of its⁤ regular military training schedules and did not pose a threat to South Korea.

These recent provocations come after North​ Korea launched about 200 shells ⁣on Friday and‌ more than 60 rounds on Saturday, as claimed by ​South Korea. ‌However,‍ North Korea has denied the Saturday firing and stated ⁤that it only ‍detonated blasting ⁤powder to test South Korean military’s detection capabilities.

Kim Yo⁣ Jong’s statement, carried by​ state media, criticized South ‍Korea’s response to⁢ the blasting sound, ⁤calling the people “pitiful” for entrusting their security to the military. She even went as far as ‌to say that it would‌ be better to entrust security to a dog with a developed‍ sense of hearing and smell.

The ongoing animosities between the two Koreas have been fueled by North Korea’s continuous missile tests and South ⁣Korea’s military training with the United States. These actions have led to heightened tensions and breaches of the 2018 military agreement‌ aimed at lowering front-line military tensions.

Experts believe that North Korea⁢ is likely to increase weapons tests and escalate its rhetoric against ​its rivals ahead of South Korea’s‌ parliamentary elections in April and the U.S. presidential elections in November. This strategy is seen as an attempt to gain leverage and concessions from‍ the United ⁣States.

In her recent statement, Kim Yo Jong referred​ to South Korea’s military as “gangsters”⁢ and ​”clowns in military uniforms,” raising concerns​ about a potential accidental clash between the two ‌Koreas that could jeopardize the safety of Seoul, a city of 10 million people.

It is ⁣evident that the situation on the Korean peninsula remains volatile, with ​both sides engaging ‌in‍ provocative actions​ and rhetoric. The international community​ will be closely monitoring the developments in ⁣this‌ region as tensions‍ continue to rise.

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  1. Agree: We cannot ignore the escalating tensions between North and South Korea. Diplomatic action is crucial in resolving this dangerous situation.

  2. This situation highlights the urgent need for diplomatic intervention. The ongoing tensions between North and South Korea require immediate attention to prevent further escalation and ensure peace in the region.


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