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Caroline Gleich, a Democrat, reaches the top of Mount Everest and sets sights on challenging Mitt Romney’s seat


SALT LAKE CITY — Mountain climber and climate activist Caroline Gleich is bringing her passion for the‌ environment and social ‍justice​ to the political arena as she officially filed paperwork​ to run for Sen. ⁣Mitt Romney’s seat.

With a strong social media following and a background in adventure sports, Gleich is ​not your typical Senate candidate. Her 214,000 Instagram followers and 3,500 TikTok followers are a testament to​ her ability to connect with ​a wide audience.

As a ski mountaineer and environmental activist, Gleich ⁣is committed⁢ to addressing pressing issues such as‍ air ⁣quality,⁣ gender equity, and climate‍ action. Her experience​ as a mountain climber, including summiting‌ Mount‌ Everest and Cho Oyu, has prepared her for the uphill battle of running for the U.S. Senate.

“I​ am dedicated to empowering and advocating for a brighter future for the‌ people of ⁢Utah,” Gleich stated in her press release.

Her candidacy brings a fresh perspective⁢ to the race, and she will‍ be competing against fellow Democrat ⁤Archie‍ Williams III and a full slate of⁤ Republican candidates in the general election.

Utah’s political landscape ​is about to‌ get a breath of fresh air with Gleich’s entry into the race.‍ Her unique background and commitment to environmental ⁣and social causes make her a candidate ⁢to watch in the upcoming election.

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  1. Disagree. It’s great to see a Democrat accomplishing such an incredible feat, but challenging Mitt Romney may require more than just climbing skills.


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