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Mary Lou Retton describes herself as a ‘fighter’ while recovering at home after pneumonia scare


NEW YORK — Olympic gymnastics legend Mary ⁤Lou Retton recently ⁣opened up about‌ her‍ harrowing battle⁤ with a rare form of pneumonia that left ⁣her⁤ fighting for her life. In an ⁤emotional interview on NBC’s ⁤”Today” show, Retton shared the terrifying experience of being sent home from the hospital only to end⁤ up in intensive care shortly after.

Retton, 55, recounted the moment when she was on the brink of being put on life support, expressing her gratitude for being ‍alive. She revealed that she was supposed to meet her daughters at a football game in Dallas,⁣ but a sudden setback led to ⁢her being⁤ alone ⁤at home, prompting a neighbor to rush her to the emergency room.

After being discharged with the⁢ pneumonia diagnosis, Retton’s daughter found her ⁣unresponsive the next day, leading to a critical situation where her life hung in the balance. The family was faced with the possibility of saying‍ their goodbyes as doctors considered putting her on a ventilator.

Despite the ​dire circumstances, Retton’s fighting spirit prevailed, and ​after weeks in the ⁢hospital, she was able to return home, albeit with a long road to recovery ahead of her.

During her hospital stay,⁤ it was revealed ‌that‌ Retton did not ⁤have⁤ medical ⁤insurance, prompting an outpouring of support from well-wishers who donated generously to help cover her medical expenses.

Retton, who made history as the first ⁤American female⁢ gymnast ‌to win the all-around title at the 1984‍ Los Angeles Olympics, has‍ been an inspiration to many.​ Her resilience and determination continue to shine through as ⁣she‍ faces this latest challenge.

“When you ⁢face death in the eyes, I ‍have so much to look forward to,” Retton said. “I’m a fighter.⁣ And I’m not going to give up.”

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