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Coroner determines Irish singer Sinead O’Connor’s death was due to natural causes


LONDON – The world⁤ mourns the loss of the iconic Irish singer-songwriter Sinéad O’Connor, who passed away in July from⁢ “natural causes,” as confirmed by the Southwark Coroner’s Court in London.

London’s Metropolitan Police had previously stated that O’Connor’s death was not considered suspicious after she was found unresponsive at a home in southeast London on ​July 26. O’Connor, who ‍was‌ 56 at the time of her passing, had left an indelible mark on the music industry with her powerful voice and emotional lyrics.

Best known ⁤for her haunting rendition of Prince’s ballad “Nothing Compares 2 U,” released in ⁤1990, O’Connor’s talent and artistry​ captivated audiences around the world.⁤ Her raw and emotive performances resonated deeply with fans, establishing her as a true musical legend.

In addition to ⁣her musical contributions, O’Connor was also​ known for her ‍openness about her struggles with ‌mental illness. Following the tragic loss of⁣ her teenage son, Shane, to suicide in 2022, ⁣she was vocal about her grief and the ‌impact it had on her mental health.

Her passing has left a void⁣ in the music industry and​ in the hearts of her devoted fans. Thousands of mourners⁢ gathered in the Irish town she called ​home for a⁢ funeral procession in August, paying their respects to the beloved artist. The presence of Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar and U2’s ⁣Bono at ‍the funeral further underscored the profound ⁤impact ‍of O’Connor’s life⁤ and music.

Sinéad O’Connor’s legacy will continue to live on through her timeless music and the memories she has left behind. She will be remembered as ⁣a fearless and uncompromising artist who touched the hearts of millions with her⁤ extraordinary talent.

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