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Schenectady allocates money for new design of Crane Street Bridge


Schenectady City Council Approves Funds for Crane Street Bridge Renovation

SCHENECTADY — Exciting news for the city as plans for the renovation of the Crane Street Bridge are officially underway. The Schenectady City Council has approved funds for the preliminary design of a new bridge during its recent meeting on Monday night.

The city has successfully secured federal funding for the design phase of the bridge, with the council allocating $363,372 for the design work. These funds will be reimbursed under an agreement with the state Department of Transportation (DOT).

City Engineer Chris Wallin shared during the City Development and Planning Committee meeting on Jan. 1 that the preliminary design process for the bridge is expected to take approximately nine months. Once the designs are completed, the city plans to seek federal funding for the potential bridge construction.

Prioritizing Infrastructure

“We’re going to be doing a study of what the bridge needs,” Wallin told the council. “It’s not in good shape and it’s been posted for load, which is a step that you take before possibly closing a bridge. So we want to get a design in place before we have to do anything with that like closure.”

Wallin emphasized the city’s proactive approach to bridge repairs, highlighting the closure of the Oak Street Bridge by the state in 2013 after it was deemed structurally insufficient. The engineer expressed the city’s determination to avoid a similar situation with the Crane Street Bridge.

Furthermore, Wallin informed the council that the Crane Street Bridge is inspected biannually by the state, underscoring the importance of addressing its renovation needs in a timely manner.

Investing in Infrastructure

The Crane Street Bridge, which connects the Mont Pleasant neighborhood and Rotterdam, traverses Amtrak and CSX train tracks. The bridge design funding approved by the city council on Monday includes $100,000 for Amtrak to collaborate with the city on the bridge design.

“The city has several bridges over rail,” Wallin told the city council. “I was successful enough in my tenure to get funding for every one of those bridges and this is the last one.”

Wallin also explained that design costs typically equate to 10-15% of the final construction costs, emphasizing the significance of the initial investment in the bridge’s renovation.

Additional Infrastructure Projects

As the city embarks on the design process for the potential Crane Street Bridge renovation, construction work is set to commence on the $5 million replacement of the Kings Road Bridge.

Schenectady Mayor Gary McCarthy announced during his state of the city address on Jan. 1 that the city is preparing to close Kings Road Bridge on Jan. 22. The bridge, constructed in 1960 and most recently renovated in 1992, will undergo a comprehensive replacement project, which will also include new sidewalks along the west side of Kings Road from Highbridge Road to Court Royale/McDonald Avenue.

“It will create some inconvenience, but that will allow the project to be done in a more timely manner and actually at an overall lower cost,” McCarthy said. “So we appreciate people’s tolerance and that inconvenience where they’re going to be rerouted off Kings Road.”

Emily Stanton
Emily Stanton
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  1. This is great news! Improving the design of the Crane Street Bridge will enhance the safety and aesthetics of the area, benefiting both residents and visitors. Excited to see the positive changes!


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