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X-Men’ and ‘Designated Survivor’ actor Adan Canto passes away at age 42


LOS ANGELES — The ‍entertainment industry has lost a true talent with‍ the passing of Adan Canto, the‌ beloved‍ Mexican singer⁢ and actor. Best known for his roles‍ in “X-Men: Days of Future Past” and “Agent Game,” as well ‍as the TV series “The Cleaning Lady,” Canto’s impact on the industry and the lives of those ‌who knew him is ​immeasurable.

Publicist ‍Jennifer Allen revealed that Canto had been battling appendiceal​ cancer, a ‍battle he chose to keep private. “Adan had a depth ⁤of spirit that few truly knew. Those who glimpsed it⁤ were changed⁢ forever,”​ Allen wrote ⁣in a statement. “He will ‌be greatly missed by so many.”

Born in Ciudad Acuña, Coahuila, Mexico and raised in⁤ Texas, Canto’s journey ⁢to stardom⁢ began at the young age of 16‍ when he left home for Mexico City ⁤to pursue ‌a career as a ⁤singer-songwriter. His talent and passion eventually led him to the world of acting, with his American debut on Kevin ⁣Williamson’s ​2013 Fox drama⁣ series “The Following,”⁤ alongside Kevin ‍Bacon.

Throughout his career, Canto took on a variety of notable ⁢roles, including Vice President-elect ‌Aaron⁤ Shore on “Designated‌ Survivor,” Colombian politician Rodrigo Lara Bonilla on “Narcos,” and ‌the mutant Sunspot in “X-Men: ⁣Days of Future Past.” He also starred in Halle Berry’s directorial debut, “Bruised,” and “Agent Game.”

Not only a talented actor, Canto also explored his‍ creativity behind the camera, directing his first‌ short film in 2014 and a second⁤ one in ‍2020, a provocative western starring Theo Rossi.

At the time‍ of his passing, Canto was starring as Armand ⁤Morales on Fox’s “The Cleaning Lady,” a‌ role he⁢ was unable to continue due‍ to his illness. Despite his absence, his impact on the show and his fellow ​cast members was deeply felt.

Remembered for his broad ​smile, boisterous laugh, and a ⁤sensitivity that seemed at⁢ odds with his leading man ‍appearance, Canto’s presence ⁢will be greatly missed by all ⁣who knew him. His friend and co-star​ Kiefer Sutherland shared a heartfelt tribute, expressing⁢ his admiration for Canto’s dedication to his craft ⁣and the loss that is felt by all who knew him.

Canto is survived by his wife, ⁤Stephanie Ann Canto, and their two‌ young children,‌ Roman Alder and Eve Josephine. His wife’s touching words, “Forever my treasure Adan, see you soon,” serve ⁤as a⁢ reminder of ​the impact ​Canto had‍ on those closest to him.

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  1. #agree This is such sad news. Adan Canto was a talented actor and will be greatly missed. My thoughts and condolences go out to his family and friends during this difficult time.


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