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Chinese Government to Impose Sanctions on 5 American Companies for Selling Weapons to Taiwan


BEIJING – China’s ​response to the latest round⁣ of U.S. arms sales to ⁢Taiwan is⁣ to sanction five U.S. military manufacturers, according ‌to a⁢ foreign ⁣ministry spokesperson on Sunday.

This move comes‌ as tensions between Washington and Beijing continue to rise over the issue of U.S.⁢ arms sales ‍to Taiwan. China considers Taiwan ‌to be a part of its territory, while Taiwan’s government rejects this claim.

The timing of these ⁢sanctions⁢ is‍ significant, as they come⁤ just ahead of Taiwan’s‌ Jan. 13 presidential ⁤and parliamentary elections. China has framed these elections as a choice between war and peace.

Last month, the U.S. State Department approved a $300 million sale of equipment to help maintain Taiwan’s tactical information systems, further escalating the⁤ situation.

The spokesperson’s statement emphasized that the recent⁢ arms sales “seriously undermine China’s sovereignty‌ and ⁢security interests, seriously jeopardise peace​ and‍ stability in⁤ the Taiwan Strait”.

The companies that ⁣will be sanctioned are BAE Systems Land and Armaments, Alliant Techsystems Operations, ‌AeroVironment, Viasat, and Data Link Solutions.

As part of⁤ the sanctions, China ‌will ⁤freeze the assets of these ⁣companies and ban people or organizations in China from engaging with them, the​ spokesperson added.

At the time ⁢of this announcement, the U.S. embassy ⁤in Beijing had ⁤not yet responded to a request‍ for comment.

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