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Schenectady resident confesses to stealing $122,000 from Albany County Sheriff’s Office


Former ⁢Budget ⁣Analyst Admits to Stealing $122,000 from Albany County⁣ Sheriff’s Office

ALBANY – A shocking revelation ​came to⁤ light as John T. ‍Cox, a former budget analyst‌ for the Albany County Sheriff’s Office, pleaded guilty to stealing over⁢ $122,000 from the agency. The 61-year-old Schenectady resident admitted to committing mail fraud and embezzling money from a federally funded agency.

Cox confessed to issuing 16‍ fraudulent checks between June 2017 ⁣and ‌February‍ 2023, drawing funds‌ from‌ the ‌sheriff’s office for personal use. ‌His actions have raised ⁢serious concerns about ⁢the internal financial⁤ controls within the agency.

According ⁣to federal prosecutors, Cox used the stolen money to pay himself directly ⁤or to pay down his line of credit. In an attempt​ to ‍cover up his fraudulent activities, he⁤ falsified‌ records to make it appear ‌as ‍if the funds were being used for legitimate purposes.

As the case unfolds, Cox is set‌ to​ be sentenced on May 9 and could face up to 20 years in prison. ‍Additionally, he has agreed to repay the stolen money ‌in restitution, although the damage caused by ‌his actions may have‌ far-reaching implications for the sheriff’s office.

The investigation into Cox’s embezzlement was a collaborative effort‌ involving the ‍FBI, Department of Justice, Office‌ of the Inspector General, and the‍ Albany County Sheriff’s⁤ Office. Assistant U.S. Attorney⁢ Joshua R.⁢ Rosenthal is leading the prosecution in this case.

This incident‌ serves as a stark reminder of ​the importance of maintaining⁢ strict financial oversight and ethical conduct ​within law enforcement⁢ agencies,⁣ as‍ they‌ play⁣ a ⁤crucial⁢ role in ‍upholding the trust and ‌integrity of the community they​ serve.

Kiara Thomas
Kiara Thomas
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    Wow, this is just outrageous! Stealing such a huge amount from law enforcement is absolutely unacceptable. Justice needs to be served swiftly and harshly.


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