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COVID-19 deaths surge to almost 10,000 in the past month due to holiday gatherings and new strain


GENEVA — The head⁤ of the U.N. ⁤health agency has issued a warning ⁤about the increased transmission of COVID-19 ‌due ⁢to holiday gatherings​ and the spread of‌ the most prominent variant globally.

Tedros⁤ Adhanom Ghebreyesus‌ revealed that nearly 10,000 deaths were reported in December, with‍ a 42% increase in hospital admissions in nearly 50 countries, mostly ⁢in Europe and the Americas.

“Although 10,000 deaths a month is far⁣ less than the peak of the pandemic, this level of ​preventable deaths is not acceptable,”⁤ emphasized the World Health Organization director-general from its headquarters in Geneva.

He urged governments to maintain surveillance and provide⁤ continued ⁢access to treatments and vaccines, as cases are on the ⁣rise in other places that haven’t ‌been reporting.

Tedros also highlighted the JN.1⁣ variant as the most prominent in the world, which is an‍ omicron variant. ⁣He⁤ reassured ⁤that ‍current vaccines should still provide some protection ⁤against it.

Maria ⁤Van Kerkhove, technical‍ lead at WHO for COVID-19, pointed out an increase in respiratory diseases across the globe due to the⁤ coronavirus, as well as flu, rhinovirus, and pneumonia.

“We ⁣expect those trends‍ to continue into January through the winter months in the ‍Northern‌ Hemisphere,” she said, while also noting increases in COVID-19 in the Southern Hemisphere, where it’s now summer.

Van Kerkhove emphasized the co-circulation of many different types of pathogens this year, ⁣making it crucial for people to get vaccinated, wear masks, and ensure indoor areas are well ventilated.

“The‍ vaccines may‌ not stop you being infected, but the ⁢vaccines are⁣ certainly reducing ⁢significantly​ your chance of ⁣being hospitalized⁢ or dying,” ​added Dr. Michael Ryan, ⁢head of‌ emergencies at WHO.

It is important ⁤for everyone to stay informed and take necessary precautions to protect themselves and others from the ongoing⁤ threat of COVID-19.

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  1. Agree: This tragic increase in COVID-19 deaths underscores the urgent need for stricter measures to curb holiday gatherings and contain the new strain. We must act responsibly to protect lives and prevent further devastation.

  2. Disagree: Lack of personal responsibility and government intervention led to this surge. We can’t blame it solely on holiday gatherings or the new strain.


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