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Senator Mike Lee refuses to support government funding without a border deal in place


WASHINGTON — As Congress considers another short-term​ spending bill, the debate over immigration reform ⁣and government‌ funding continues to heat up. Some Republicans, including Utah Sen. Mike Lee, are taking a firm stance, declaring that there ⁤will be no government funding without immigration reform.

During a press conference on Wednesday, a group of GOP lawmakers, ⁢including Lee, Sen. Rick Scott, Rep. Matt ⁤Rosendale, Rep. Cory Mills, Rep. Mary Miller, and others, made it clear that they are prepared to use all available tools to block funding‌ for the U.S. government and foreign military aid until a border deal is secured.

Lee emphasized that President Joe Biden has the authority to secure the border, but the ongoing migrant crisis suggests a lack of enforcement. He pointed to the surge in illegal migration that began after⁣ Biden‍ took ⁣office, with millions of people entering the U.S. and a⁤ record number of families⁣ traveling with children.

He‍ also criticized the current catch-and-release process,​ which he argued is not part of federal law. Lee proposed reinstating the Remain in Mexico policy, implemented during ​the Trump ‌administration, as a way to send a clear ‌message to incoming migrants.

Additionally, he highlighted the impact of uncontrolled immigration on the poorest communities, emphasizing the⁤ need ‍for immigration reform to protect those most at risk.

Scott echoed the sentiment,⁣ stating that the only way to secure a border deal would be to leverage funding for other⁢ programs and hold it up until a secure border is achieved.

Congress faces looming deadlines for funding federal programs, and while an‍ agreement has been reached on the fiscal year⁤ 2024 budget, a short-term spending bill is likely necessary to meet the approaching deadlines.

The debate over immigration reform and government funding is poised to continue as Congress grapples with​ these ⁢critical issues.

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