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Schenectady Police Department Adds Nine New Recruits to Roster


SCHENECTADY⁤ – Exciting news for⁤ the Schenectady Police ​Department as they ⁢welcomed nine⁢ new police recruits on ‌Thursday. ​This new group of⁤ hires​ will‍ help strengthen ‌the agency’s current team of 162 sworn‍ officers.

The nine recruits are gearing up to start their ⁤police academy⁤ training on Jan. 15, ⁢marking the beginning of ‍their⁤ journey to ​serve and protect the community.

City Hall was abuzz with energy as the‌ recruits, ‍along with‌ Schenectady Mayor Gary McCarthy and ⁤Police Chief‍ Eric Clifford, came together for an introductory event.

Among⁣ the new recruits is Jason Slingerland, 22, a recent ‌graduate of Schalmont High ​School ‌who pursued Electrical ⁣Engineering at the Citadel.

Another recruit, ‌Jacob Ahrens, 25, ‍earned ​his Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal ​Justice, Behavior, and Law from the College of Saint Rose after graduating from Mohonasen High School in 2018.

Rowan Johnson, 27, a graduate of Manlius Pebble Hill School, ‌double majored in Criminal Justice and Political Science at⁣ Rochester‌ Institute ‌of Technology before joining⁢ the Army Reserve as an Executive Officer/Captain.

Joseph Paskevich, a Schalmont High School alum, studied Criminal Justice‍ at Schenectady County Community College before embarking‌ on this new chapter as⁢ a police recruit.

Logan Smith, 23, pursued​ Psychology at The College of Saint Rose after graduating from ⁢Duanesburg High School in ⁢2018,⁤ and is ⁤now ready to serve ⁤the community as a member​ of the Schenectady police force.

Rounding out the group are Jordan Welch from Schuylerville High School, Alexander Belcher from Notre Dame Bishop‌ Gibbons,​ John‌ Flood from Iona Preparatory School, and Sterling Mosher from Colonie Central High School.

Rafael Torres
Rafael Torres
Rafael Torres, a native of Schenectady, has returned to his hometown after several years of reporting in the Midwest. A graduate of Missouri School of Journalism, Alex is known for his empathetic approach to local news, covering everything from community events to local governance, always with an aim to bridge diverse perspectives.
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  1. Disagree – This is a positive step towards improving community safety and enhancing law enforcement in Schenectady. Well done, Schenectady Police Department!

  2. Great news! The addition of new recruits will undoubtedly strengthen the Schenectady Police Department and enhance public safety in our community.

  3. Agree: This is great news for Schenectady! The addition of new recruits will surely make our community safer and more secure. Well done, Schenectady Police Department!


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