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The Church of Jesus Christ Donates Food to Ivory Coast: Spreading Light to the World


SALT LAKE CITY — As part of the Light the World initiative, more than 1,000 families and 8,000 schoolchildren in the Ivory⁤ Coast received food donations.

The Light the ‌World initiative⁢ invites⁣ members of the community to give back during ⁢the holiday season. Giving Machines — which‍ look like vending machines — ​are ⁢placed‍ throughout the world in seven different countries. Instead of buying ‌a​ snack like⁣ you‍ would at a vending machine, these giving machines offer you a chance to make a donation by ‍selecting charitable items. From food and water to beehives and livestock, millions of​ donations have come from this initiative.

Impact of the Light the World Initiative

What happened in the ⁢Ivory Coast is one example of how the Light the World initiative results in thousands of donations to communities.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced its donation Thursday.‍ Local church leaders in the area coordinated with the‍ Ministry of Family,​ Women and Children and the Ministry of National Education and Technical Training to‍ determine which families and institutions would benefit most from the church’s donation.

“These ⁣donations are part of our church’s Light the World initiative. We look to share our ‍love of the Savior by giving to those most in need. We are hoping⁤ to share our culture of sharing and‌ solidarity,” Thierry Keke Guina, a member of the presidency of the Abobo Cote d’Ivoire West Stake of the church, said in a news release.

Donation Ceremonies and Impact

Donation ceremonies were​ held in the municipalities ​of Yopougon, Treichville, Attecoube and‍ Abobo in Abidjan, as well as Yamoussoukro, to commemorate the donation. Rice, pasta, sardines and oil were​ part of the food donations. Mayor Danho Paulin was in attendance at the ceremony in Attecoube.

Hundreds of families who⁣ were recipients of the food donations also went to ⁣the ceremonies. Rotary International joined with​ the Church of Jesus Christ to distribute food ⁤packets to families in need in the city of ⁢Yamoussoukro.

Supporting Education and Families

The donation⁤ in the ‍city of Abobo was made to help schools ‌feed their children through their canteen programs. The⁢ Church of Jesus Christ donated more than five tons of food to two public primary schools of the regional​ directorates of National Education and Literacy of Abidjan.

“I can affirm that this donation will contribute to the retention of children in school, improve their attendance and increase their safety and nutritional health,” Yvonne Balogoun, representing the⁤ director of school canteens in Cote d’Ivoire, said.

Marie-Claire Gla, the director of National Education and Literacy in Abidjan, said, “Engaging in school feeding is a high-profile humanitarian effort that will boost the work of learners and enable them to⁣ achieve ‍good academic results. We thank your church for this initiative⁢ and encourage other donors to‍ follow in your footsteps.”

Community‍ Impact⁢ and Collaboration

“We can learn from their example of service others,” Ehublah Marthe Seko, director of ‌the⁣ Ministry of Families, Women and Children, said.‍ “Everyone benefits when we have strong families and healthy children.” ‍She⁤ also noted how ‍the Church of Jesus Christ has partnered with the ministry before to strengthen families.

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