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FDA scientific review suggests marijuana should be reclassified as a lower-risk drug


WASHINGTON — The debate over the classification of marijuana has been ongoing for years, with ​many advocating for its reclassification as a Schedule III substance. Now, researchers from the⁤ Food and Drug Administration have come forward with scientific evidence to support this reclassification.

Currently, marijuana⁢ is classified as a ‍Schedule I substance,⁣ alongside dangerous drugs like heroin ‍and LSD. However, the FDA researchers argue that marijuana has a lower potential for abuse compared to other substances on Schedules I and ⁢II. They also point to its accepted medical use in the treatment of conditions such as anorexia,‍ pain, and nausea and vomiting from chemotherapy.

One of the key arguments in favor of reclassifying marijuana is the potential for more avenues of research and the opening up of the cannabis industry to banking and tax benefits. This move could ‌have significant implications for the multibillion-dollar cannabis industry, which has seen ‌rapid growth since the legalization of adult recreational use in several states.

While the FDA’s recommendation is⁤ a significant step, the final authority ‌to⁣ make any changes to marijuana’s‍ scheduling lies with the Drug Enforcement Agency. The process will involve a rulemaking period that allows for public comments before any action ⁣is finalized.

It’s clear that the debate over marijuana’s classification is far from over,​ and the coming months will be crucial in ⁢determining the future of this controversial substance.

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  1. Agree Marijuana research has consistently shown potential medical benefits and lower risks compared to other substances. Reclassifying it will promote further exploration and safe access for those who could benefit from its therapeutic uses.

  2. Disagree. More research is needed to fully understand the potential risks and benefits of marijuana. Reclassifying it without sufficient evidence could have unintended consequences.


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