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Texas and White House dispute leads to three migrant deaths at US border


WASHINGTON — ⁤A tragic incident occurred on Friday night ⁣as a woman and two children drowned ‍in⁤ the Rio Grande while attempting to‍ enter the U.S. from ​Mexico. This⁤ heartbreaking event⁣ unfolded ⁤after Texas military⁤ officers prevented federal ⁤border officials⁤ from⁣ providing aid, according to U.S. border officials and a member of Congress.

The deaths come amidst a heated ⁣dispute over immigration between Texas Governor Greg ⁢Abbott and‍ the administration of U.S. President Joe Biden. The ongoing conflict has‍ been exacerbated ⁢by a​ surge in the number of migrants illegally‍ crossing the border since Biden took⁢ office‍ in 2021.

Under Abbott’s leadership, Texas has​ taken steps ⁤to implement⁣ its ⁢own border controls, encroaching⁣ on what⁣ has‍ historically​ been the federal government’s jurisdiction.

The ‌tragic incident‍ occurred near Shelby Park ‌in Eagle⁣ Pass, an area that is not a legal port⁢ of entry and where the Texas National Guard recently added concertina ⁤wire and fencing.

In a filing in the U.S.⁢ Supreme Court, the federal⁤ government⁣ accused Texas of erecting new barriers ‍to impede federal Border Patrol agents from accessing the Rio Grande via a boat ‍ramp. Texas responded ⁤by stating that​ federal⁤ Border Patrol agents had largely stopped ‌using the boat ramp in recent months and that they were unaware of any current objections from federal law enforcement.

According to U.S. Representative ⁤Henry Cuellar, ‌federal Border‌ Patrol ⁣agents were ‍made aware‍ of ⁣a group of migrants in distress around 9 p.m. CT on Friday as they‍ attempted to cross the Rio Grande. ⁤However,⁢ they were unable to contact Texas⁢ officials by phone ⁢and were physically barred from entering​ the area by Texas Military ‍Department ​soldiers.

This is a tragedy, and the state bears responsibility.

–U.S. Representative​ Henry Cuellar

The bodies of the woman and⁣ two ​children were recovered⁤ on Saturday by Mexican authorities. Cuellar emphasized ‌that the state⁤ bears⁣ responsibility for ‍this tragedy.

The Texas Military Department offered a⁣ different account, stating that they ‌were contacted by Border Patrol for⁣ a⁢ migrant ‌distress situation and actively searched the river but did not observe any distressed migrants. They ceased search operations after reporting ​their observations to the Border‍ Patrol ‍and were not ⁢made aware of any bodies in the area​ of Shelby Park.

This heartbreaking⁢ incident underscores the complexities​ and challenges surrounding​ immigration and border control, ‍and it serves as a‌ reminder of the urgent need for cooperation and compassion in addressing these ⁢issues.

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  1. Agree How tragic and devastating. This dispute is directly impacting innocent lives. It’s time for the Texas and White House to prioritize humanity and find a solution.


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