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Ex-US officials to hold discussions in Taiwan following election


TAIPEI – Exciting news ⁣for Taiwan as⁤ two former senior U.S. officials are ⁤set to arrive in Taiwan on Sunday for post-election talks. The de facto U.S. embassy in Taipei has emphasized the U.S. government’s “longstanding interest” ‌in peace across ​the Taiwan Strait, showing ​strong support for​ the newly elected president, ​Lai Ching-te from Taiwan’s ⁣ruling Democratic Progressive Party.

President Joe Biden’s ⁤plan ⁢to‌ send an unofficial delegation to the ​Chinese-claimed island is ​a clear‍ indication of the Biden administration’s commitment to Taiwan. The visit by ​former National‍ Security Advisor Stephen Hadley and former‌ Deputy ‌Secretary of State⁤ James Steinberg, ⁤accompanied by AIT’s ⁤U.S.-based Chair Laura Rosenberger, is a significant gesture of ​support and congratulations from the American people to​ Taiwan ⁢on its successful elections.

The U.S. government has asked ⁣former senior officials to travel in‌ their ‍private capacity to Taiwan, and the visit will include meetings⁣ with a⁣ range of leading political figures. The trip aims to convey support for ⁢Taiwan’s continued prosperity and growth, as well​ as the U.S.’s longstanding interest ⁣in cross-Strait peace and stability.

It is important to note that such ⁣a post-election ⁢visit by former senior U.S. officials is routine and ⁣not ⁢out​ of⁢ the ordinary, according to sources familiar with the trip. This⁣ visit⁤ comes at​ a crucial time as China‌ has stepped up its military and political ‍pressure⁢ against Taiwan over ​the past four years, and the new administration‌ in Taiwan is committed to maintaining ‍its sovereignty and ​stability.

The visit by the former U.S. officials is⁤ a‍ strong message of solidarity and​ support for Taiwan, and it will be interesting ⁢to‌ see the ⁣outcomes‍ of the post-election talks and the impact it will​ have on ⁤the⁣ region.

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  1. Agree: This is a positive step towards strengthening the relationship between the US and Taiwan. It demonstrates the commitment of both countries to democracy and freedom. #USandTaiwanTies


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