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GOP faces frigid campaign in Iowa as Trump leads in crucial survey


DES‌ MOINES, Iowa – ‍The⁣ race for⁣ the Republican ‍presidential⁤ nomination is heating ⁣up as Donald Trump, Nikki Haley, and ⁣Ron DeSantis hit ⁤the campaign trail in Iowa. The latest poll ‌from The Des Moines Register/NBC News shows Trump with a commanding lead at 48%, followed by Haley at 20% and​ DeSantis at 16%. ‌This sets the ‍stage for an⁤ exciting⁣ and closely watched caucus on Monday.

Despite facing criminal charges and ‌controversy surrounding the Jan. 6, 2021, ⁣attack on​ the‌ U.S. Capitol, Trump’s strong showing in⁤ the polls indicates that he ‍is ​still a⁢ force to be​ reckoned with in the Republican ⁣party. A victory in Iowa would solidify his position as the ​frontrunner to face Democratic President Joe Biden ‍in the general election.

However, the frigid⁤ temperatures in Iowa present a unique challenge for the candidates and their supporters. With record lows expected, the question remains whether ‍voters will ‍brave the⁣ cold to⁤ participate ‌in the ​caucuses. DeSantis is​ urging ⁤his supporters to show up, emphasizing ⁣that their votes will carry more weight in the event of⁣ a lower turnout.

Meanwhile, Haley’s rise in the ⁢polls has⁢ been fueled by support from moderate Republicans, and she is looking to come out of Iowa with a strong showing to build⁤ momentum for the next contest in ⁢New‍ Hampshire.

As the candidates make their final push in Iowa, all eyes are on the caucuses on Monday evening, where Iowans will gather to debate ⁢and ⁣rank the Republican candidates. ⁣The results ⁤are sure to have a significant impact on the race for the​ Republican nomination.

Stay⁤ tuned for the latest updates and analysis as the Iowa caucuses unfold.

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