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Additional Nations Participate in Discussions on Ukrainian Leader’s Peace Proposal as Russia’s Absence Continues and Conflict Persists


DAVOS, Switzerland – International leaders gathered in Davos to discuss Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s peace formula, with a focus on increasing support for Ukraine’s defense and finding a way to end the ongoing conflict.

The meeting, which is the fourth of its kind, has seen a growing number of countries participating in the discussions, signaling a global understanding that the conflict in Ukraine is a challenge for all of humanity.

Zelenskyy’s 10-point peace formula, which includes the expulsion of Russian forces from Ukraine and accountability for war crimes, has been met with resistance from Moscow. However, the talks in Davos aim to lay the groundwork for a potential peace deal that would require Russian participation.

Swiss Foreign Minister, Ignazio Cassis, emphasized the need for peace in Ukraine, stating that “peace is something that Ukraine needs” and that efforts are being made to end the war.

While Russia has not been invited to the meetings and has dismissed the initiative as biased, the goal of the Davos conference is to prepare for the moment when Russia might join a peace discussion.

Despite the challenges and the lack of readiness from both Ukraine and Russia to make territorial concessions, the talks in Davos are focused on finding a workable blueprint for the way forward.

As the war in Ukraine continues, the need for peace remains urgent, and the international community is working to find a resolution to the conflict.

The war is far from over and peace is still nowhere in sight.

–the Swiss department of foreign affairs

The ongoing conflict in Ukraine has left the country vulnerable, and efforts are being made to secure further weapons supplies to defend against missile and drone attacks from Russian forces.

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