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Fonda-Fultonville coach Wilson achieves 300th career win in Section 2 boys’ basketball


Eric‍ Wilson Reaches​ Milestone 300th Career‌ Coaching Win

Eric ⁣Wilson ⁢achieved‌ a major milestone in his coaching career, earning ⁤his 300th career coaching win ⁢for Fonda-Fultonville ⁣in the team’s impressive 47-27 non-league boys’ basketball victory over Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk ‌on Monday. ⁤Wilson has been a dedicated coach⁢ at the school since the 2000-01 season, and⁣ this achievement is a testament to his hard work and commitment ⁤to the ⁤team.

Riley ‍Wilson ⁤Shines on the Court

Riley‌ Wilson was a standout ​player⁢ for ⁢Fonda, leading the‍ team⁤ with 16 ​points and eight rebounds in the game. ‌His exceptional ​performance was instrumental in securing the ⁣victory ⁤for the team. ⁢Additionally, Brady⁤ Melious contributed 12 points and five rebounds, further showcasing the team’s depth and talent. ​On the opposing side, ⁢Nick Gibney’s⁤ 10 points paced Ravena, highlighting the​ competitive nature of the game.

Marquay Tankslay Leads ​Cohoes to Victory

Marquay Tankslay delivered a stellar‌ performance, scoring 24 points with 16 of those⁢ points coming in the second half, leading Cohoes to‌ a commanding 75-52 win over Herkimer. Cole Murley also made a significant impact, adding 18 points to the team’s victory, while Skye ⁣Keparitus contributed⁢ 10 points, further solidifying Cohoes’ strong‌ performance.

Beckett Nielson
Beckett Nielson
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  1. Bad Grammar/Punctuation, Disagree: Coach Wilson’s achievement is not as impressive as it seems. Winning 300 games doesn’t necessarily make someone a basketball legend. #NotImpressed


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