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Schenectady tax bills finally sent out after budget delay and technical issues


Schenectady Residents to Receive 2024 Property Tax Bills

Exciting news ⁢for Schenectady residents!⁢ The 2024 property tax bills are finally on ​their way after a slight delay. The delay was due ⁣to the tardy 2024‌ city budget and logistical‌ issues with the firm distributing the ​bills.

Mayor Gary McCarthy signed the city budget on‍ Dec. 21 after the City Council’s third pass at approving‌ a spending plan. The ⁢mayor had vetoed the first​ two proposals, citing concerns with the council’s plan to reduce his proposed ‍water and sewer fee increases, among other issues.

Residents now have until Jan. 31 to pay their property taxes, with no penalties or interest for homeowners.

The tax bills were supposed to be dispersed following the​ approval‌ of the 2024 budget, but a software glitch‍ from bill distribution company​ Tyler Technologies further delayed the⁢ mailing of the bills.

McCarthy assured residents that the property tax bills were delivered to the post office on Friday and are ⁣expected to arrive in mailboxes this week.

Despite the delay, residents can still pay their property ⁣tax bills online. The bills are payable quarterly ⁤in January, April, July, and October.

It’s been⁢ a long process, but the final 2024 budget was approved by a 4-3 margin on Dec. 21. City Council President Marion Porterfield and Councilmembers John Mootooveren, ‍Damonni Farley, and Carl Williams voted yes on the plan, while Councilmembers Doreen⁣ Ditoro,‍ Carmel⁤ Patrick, and John Polimeni opposed the budget.

The budget deal‍ included 100% of McCarthy’s proposed water and ⁢sewer fees‍ for city residents,⁤ with city homeowners to see a $74.20 per ⁤year increase in sewer fees and a $16.26 annual hike ⁢in water‍ fees.

Rafael Torres
Rafael Torres
Rafael Torres, a native of Schenectady, has returned to his hometown after several years of reporting in the Midwest. A graduate of Missouri School of Journalism, Alex is known for his empathetic approach to local news, covering everything from community events to local governance, always with an aim to bridge diverse perspectives.
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