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Schenectady man sentenced to 30 years for federal child sexual exploitation charge


ALBANY -‌ A Schenectady⁣ man was ⁤sentenced Wednesday to 30 years in state ‍prison for sexually exploiting ⁤a child, federal prosecutors said.

Terence Wilson, 40, of Schenectady, pleaded guilty to the charge earlier.

He admitted he sexually exploited a​ child​ from the ‌time the child ‌was 8 to the time​ the ⁣child  was 15 and he‌ created approximately ⁤50 videos depicting⁤ the‌ abuse, prosecutors said.

The ⁢case‍ was investigated by the FBI and its ​Child Exploitation Task Force, which includes⁤ federal, state and local law enforcement agencies, including the New York​ State Police. Assistant U.S.  Attorneys Michael D.⁣ Gadarian‍ and Adrian LaRochelle prosecuted.

This⁤ case highlights the importance ⁣of collaboration between​ law enforcement agencies in combating child exploitation. It is crucial for communities to come together to protect vulnerable​ children and hold perpetrators accountable for their actions.

Juniper Li
Juniper Li
Juniper Li, with her roots in documentary filmmaking, brings a unique narrative style to local news reporting. A graduate of NYU’s Journalism program, Ava has a keen eye for stories that capture the essence of community life. Her reporting often highlights local achievements and challenges, drawing on her experience in visual storytelling.
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