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Cobleskill-Richmondville Claims Division II Dual Meet Championship with Victory over Hudson Falls in Boys’ Wrestling Section 2


JOHNSTOWN ⁢— The Cobleskill-Richmondville ​wrestling team showcased their ‍dominance ‍by winning the Section 2 Division⁤ II team championship on Wednesday night. The Bulldogs put‌ on an impressive⁤ performance, defeating Fonda/Johnstown 53-21‍ in the dual meet‌ semifinals and​ then prevailing over Hudson Falls 43-27 in ​the championship match.

The team’s success was fueled by ⁢the outstanding ‍performances of their wrestlers. Rhojan Montfort and ​Jake LeSage were instrumental in⁢ securing victories for the Bulldogs,​ with Montfort winning both of ⁤his⁤ matches at 215 and LeSage ⁣holding ⁤down the fort at 285. Additionally, Eian McCormack, Ashten Haley, Ben Yorke, and⁤ Kyber Henry all‌ contributed with their exceptional performances, earning a pair of wins⁣ each.

The⁣ competition was‌ intense, with some matches ending in lightning-fast victories. Hudson⁢ Falls’ Justin Mullis secured a quick pin in ⁤just 15 ​seconds in the championship match against⁢ Cobleskill-Richmondville, while Van Green from⁣ Fonda/Johnstown earned a ​16-second pin ​over Cobleskill-Richmondville​ in the semifinals.

Cobleskill-Richmondville’s victory has earned them the opportunity to represent Section 2 at the NYSPHSAA Division II dual meet championship, which will ‍be⁤ held at SRC Arena and Events Center in Syracuse on Saturday, Jan. 27.


Cobleskill-Richmondville 53, Fonda/Johnstown 21

190: ‌ C. Wade (CR) def. Lewis, fall (3:34); 215: Montfort (CR) def.⁣ Van Valkenburgh, fall (3:13); 285: LeSage (CR) def. McLoughlin, fall ‍(0:45); 101: Hicks (FJ) def. C. Yorke, fall (1:30); ⁤ 108: ⁤McCormack (CR) def. Costello, fall (4:41); 116: Green ⁣(FJ) def.⁢ J. Wade, fall ⁤(0:16); 124: Haley (CR) def. Swartwout,​ fall (0:46); 131: Clark (FJ) def. B. Gallagher, fall (2:34); 138: Scolaro (CR) def. Livingston, TF 18-0; ⁤ 145: ⁤B. Yorke (CR) def. Chace, fall (1:50); 152: ⁣Koon (CR)​ def. West, fall (2:32); 160: Henry (CR) def. Stramezzi, fall (1:05); 170: Pickering (FJ) def. D. Gallagher, Dec 7-2.

Hudson Falls ​54, Duanesburg/Schoharie 15

190: Jesse Mullis (HF) def. Vannie, fall ‌(0:52); 215: Cooper (DS) def. Ross, fall (2:58); 285: Hinchliffe (HF) def. Bartholomew, fall (3:10); 101: West (HF), forfeit; ‌ 108: Marrero (HF), forfeit; 116: ⁤ Gale (HF) def. Merwin, fall​ (1:47); 124: Wilson (HF) def.⁢ W. Rock, Dec ‍5-0; 131: Justin Mullis (HF) def. Nicolella, Dec‍ 1-0; 138: Ogedengbe (HF) ‍def. Killenberger, fall (1:43); 145: Stealey (DS)⁤ def. C. Rock, fall (1:26); 152: ‍Schweigard ‌(DS) def. Diffee, Dec 8-5; ‌ 160: Davis (HF), forfeit; 170: Ostrander (HF)⁤ def. Dawson, fall (4:43).


Cobleskill-Richmondville 43, Hudson Falls 27

215: ⁣Monfort (CR) def.⁤ Ross, fall (1:43); 285: LeSage (CR) def. Hinchliffe, Dec 7-2; 101: C. Yorke‌ (CR) def. West, MD 11-2;​ 108: ⁣McCormack (CR), forfeit; 116: Gale (HF) def.⁢ J. Wade,‍ fall (3:02); 124: Haley (CR) def. Levi Wilson, fall (0:43); 131: ​ Justin Mullis (HF) def. B. Gallagher, fall (0:15); 138: Ogedengbe (HF) def. Scolaro, Dec 7-1; 145: Colin Diffee⁤ (HF) def. Alan Koon, fall (0:26); 152: B.‌ Yorke (CR) def. C. Rock, fall (5:54); 160: Henry (CR) def. Davis, fall (0:27); 170: D. Gallagher (CR) def. Ostrander, ‌fall (1:55); ⁣ 190: Jesse Mullis (HF) def. C. Wade, fall (0:58).

Beckett Nielson
Beckett Nielson
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  1. Great job, Cobleskill-Richmondville! Congrats on the well-deserved win and claiming the Division II Dual Meet Championship! Keep up the fantastic work, boys’ wrestling team! #champions

  2. Disagree
    Poorly written article with inaccurate information. Hudson Falls was clearly the better team, they deserved the win. #biased


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