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Michael Flatley’s ‘Lord of the Dance’ scheduled to perform at Proctors in March


SCHENECTADY – Get ready ‍for an electrifying ⁤performance as Michael Flatley’s iconic‍ “Lord of the Dance” comes to Proctors in March. This is ​an event you won’t⁤ want to miss!

The MainStage at Proctors will come alive with the ‍energy of Irish dancing, music,⁣ and storytelling on March 5.

Experience the magic​ of ⁢”Lord of the Dance,” a show that⁢ has captivated audiences for 25 years with its mesmerizing performances and captivating storytelling.

This ​25th-anniversary tour promises⁢ to ⁢take the show ⁢to new heights with new staging, costumes, choreography, and cutting-edge⁢ technology. Prepare to be dazzled by special effects and remarkable​ lighting!

Don’t miss your chance⁣ to⁤ be a part of this unforgettable experience. Tickets‌ are now‍ on sale and can be purchased through the⁢ Proctors box office, by phone at ⁤518-346-6204, or online at atProctors.org.

Kiara Thomas
Kiara Thomas
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  1. Lord of the Dance is a spectacular show that showcases the incredible talent of Michael Flatley and his team. I can’t wait to see them perform at Proctors in March!


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