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Pearce Renewables, a California company, to open new location in downtown Schenectady


SCHENECTADY – Exciting ⁣news for the renewable energy industry in Schenectady! Pearce Renewables, a California-based independent services provider, is ⁢making its mark in the local community by leasing the top floor of 155 Erie Blvd. The company plans to⁢ renovate the space ⁢and create 10 new jobs, with an‍ estimated ⁣cost of $190,000‍ for‌ the upgrades.

In a show of⁣ support, the Schenectady ‌County⁣ Metroplex Development⁢ Authority⁤ Board of Directors has approved a $75,000​ grant and sales tax exemption to assist ‍Pearce Renewables in retrofitting the‌ space. This move is part of‌ the county’s ongoing efforts to attract and support‌ renewable‍ energy companies in the area.

“We are thrilled to open‌ an office in downtown Schenectady ⁢and be part of such ⁣a great community,” said Zack Dorman, ⁢senior vice president of Pearce ⁢Renewables. “An ‍office in Schenectady County will help us attract and retain the highest-quality talent ‍in the industry.”

Pearce Renewables specializes⁢ in providing repair, maintenance, and⁣ engineering‍ services for solar, wind, ‌electric vehicle, and energy storage systems. The company’s expansion to Schenectady will also include providing services ⁢to GE Vernova, further solidifying the ⁣region’s ⁤position as⁤ a hub for renewable energy innovation.

This ‍announcement ‌follows GE Vernova’s‌ significant investment in​ the ‌area, with plans to manufacture onshore wind turbines and create 200 new jobs locally. The growing ‍presence of renewable energy companies, such as Pearce Renewables, Jupiter Bach, and ‍Livingston Energy Group, is a testament to Schenectady County’s commitment to sustainable economic ⁤development.

With the ‌economic development ‍team actively seeking to ​attract ‌more wind suppliers to⁤ the area, Schenectady is poised to​ become a leading destination for renewable energy companies, further bolstering the region’s reputation ‍as a hub for innovation‌ and sustainability.

Kiara Thomas
Kiara Thomas
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  1. Pearce renewables, a California company, to open new location in downtown Schenectady.

    Disagree. Local businesses should be given priority over out-of-state companies. #SupportLocal

  2. Good grammar and punctuation, uncaring opinion: Not sure why everyone is making a fuss. It’s just another business opening up. #Indifferent


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