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Schenectady’s Classic Theater Guild to Perform Steve Martin’s Absurdist Comedy in Nippertown


Imagine a ‌world where ‌Pablo Picasso and Albert Einstein walk into a ‌bar together. Sounds ‍like the beginning of a joke, right? Well, it’s actually the​ premise behind the absurdist​ comedy “Picasso at the Lapin Agile,” written ⁤by ​none other than comedy legend Steve Martin.

This⁤ 85-minute ‍play, first written in 1993 ⁢and then revised in 2017,‌ brings together two ‍of the most iconic figures ‌of‍ the 20th ​century for a chance encounter ⁢at ⁤a⁢ Parisian bar. The result? ​A hilarious and thought-provoking exploration‍ of art, science, ​and the‌ nature of genius.

Now, Schenectady’s Classic Theater⁤ Guild is bringing this ⁣comedic‍ masterpiece to life at Congregation Beth Israel on Eastern Parkway. Get ready‌ for a night of biting intelligence, slapstick⁤ silliness, ⁤and surprising depth, all wrapped up in Steve Martin’s trademark brand of humor.

For the⁢ full feature, ​check ​out our Adam Shinder’s⁢ article⁢ on Nippertown: Schenectady’s Classic Theater Guild ⁢takes on Steve Martin ‌absurdist‍ comedy

Juniper Li
Juniper Li
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