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Queensbury triumphs over Johnstown in Section 2 girls’ basketball


⁤ The Queensbury girls’ basketball ⁣team ⁢dominated the court in a 61-7 Foothills⁣ Council victory over Johnstown. Kaitlyn Barton led the⁢ Spartans with‍ an impressive 14 points, while Dyllan ​Ray added 13 more to the scoreboard. The​ team’s strong performance left Johnstown with only 7 points, with Molly Wilcox‍ scoring 5 ‍and Solimar Lopez contributing 2.

⁣ ‍ ⁤In another⁢ thrilling match, Amsterdam fought hard to secure a 45-40 victory against Gloversville. Felise Fowler was the standout⁢ player for the Rams, ‌scoring an impressive 17 points. Mya⁤ Perez and ⁣Annie Fedullo also made significant contributions‍ with eight points⁢ each. Gloversville put up a tough fight, with Shiasia Williams leading the team with 14 points, followed ⁣by⁢ 11 from Zoie Tesi and eight from Angelina Christman.

⁢The fierce competition and outstanding performances from all the players made for an⁢ exciting night ‌of​ basketball in ​the Foothills Council.

Jack Sullivan
Jack Sullivan
Jack Sullivan, an informed and passionate sports reporter, is a former college athlete with a degree in Sports Communication from Ithaca College. Go Bombers!
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